Carmudi’s Global SMM: “Quality Relationships Beat Quantity”

Social media tips Quality Relationships Beat QuantitySocial media tips Quality Relationships Beat Quantity

As social beings, we constantly use social experiences in our decision making process. So why would social media be any different? Social Media is now an essential part of doing business and is the perfect way to connect with your customers (and find the right ones) to kick-start the conversation.

For B2B companies, the story is almost the same. Social Media has become the new way for companies to reach out to the right customers, raise their brand awareness and generate better quality leads.

According to research from Omobono, 87% of businesses today use social media to promote their content, using an average of 5 platforms. LinkedIn stands out as the most effective channel to nourish contacts between the B2B companies, followed by Twitter and Facebook.

We spoke to Alba Marquez, Carmudi‘s Global Social Media Manager to learn about her approach.


What do you think is the biggest misconception or assumption that first timers make?

One of the things B2B businesses need to understand when they enter the Social Media World is the fact that it is just one part out of the online and offline communication mix. For Carmudi, when it comes to relationships in Social Media, is not always about the number of connections but the quality and depth of the relationships.

Many companies are focused on the conversion part over the engagement aspect. How should your counter-parts tackle that mindset?
A effective way for B2B marketers to engage with their audience is through sharing content. Generating original content is one of the most simplest way to drive people to your website. While B2C companies develop content that engage with their brand, educating or entertaining their audience, B2B should aim for content that solves problems and offers solutions to certain issues. Finally, mirror Carmudi by remembering to have a balance between original content and content curation from other influencer brands that are inside your industry.

In light of customer journey mapping, how do you assess the best channels for goals?
The key to selecting the best channel for your business is to first understand your target audience, and identify where they spend their time in Social Media. Twitter and LinkedIn are examples of channels used successfully by businesses to promote their products or services, develop connections and share their expertise in their fields.

Are there any non-traditional social media networks?
Industry and specialized forums are also a great fit but commonly overlooked. No matter what channel you choose, ask yourself first: Is my target audience here? Could my business benefit from it?

What do you advise marketers to do before attempting a social strategy for their brand?
Before you start engaging with your audience in social media you need to remember:

  • Be clear and coherent about the channels you want to use and make sure those fits your brand. Don’t be in all social networks for the sake of being present. Not all Social Media channels are right for your business.

  • Set clear goals and objectives.

  • Spend time creating a documented Social Media strategy and plan your activity way ahead to deliver that strategy.

  • Listen and monitor your audience and all conversation around your brand and your competitors.

  • Deliver content that is tailored for your audience.
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