Cheap Chinese Electric Cars on Our Roads by 2018

Many people dream of owning their own car, but the acquisition cost, range of options and prices may seem overwhelming. However, at the 2017 Pakistan Auto show, has been unveiled a range of affordable Chinese electric cars with quite impressive specs and price.

The Chinese electric-car company announced that it would launch three models – Economy, Comfortable and Luxury – of Chinese-made electric cars in Pakistan next year. Here’s a look at some of the car features:


When launched in 2018, the Economy, Comfortable and Luxury ranges are expected to be priced at Rs. 314,445, Rs. 419,260 and Rs. 524,075 respectively.

General specs

The proposed model is designed to have compact four seats and three doors. Moreover, the cars will come loaded with the latest technology: an aluminum alloy rim, disk brake, remote keys, radio, USB port, AUX, back camera display, video, and speakers. Other notable features include 3G & 4G technology and a power window, along with a central locking and air conditioning system.

Range and charging

The car can travel at least 120 km before it needs recharging. Standard recharging ports allow users to recharge their vehicle at home as well, as it consumes 220 volts only. With a 220-volts built-in recharging technology, which comes standard with the vehicle, the car can be fully recharged in a matter of few hours. Furthermore, the cost of covering one km is Rs. 1 on an average. The car has the top speed of 60 km/hr (37 mph).

Warranty and Customer support

The company also announced it would offer a five-year/80,000 kms warranty as standard and after sales customer services.

Why Electric Vehicles are a Good Idea Now?

At present, most of the world’s greenhouse emissions are attributed to the operation of fossil-fuelled vehicles. Shifting to electric vehicles, operating on electricity and renewable energy sources, is one of the most promising ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

It may be the right time that public and private sector join hands to develop and promote eco-friendly, cost effective transportation means in the country.

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