Paving the Tracks to Prosperity: Chinese Company To Lay Railway Tracks in KP

Even though we’re well into the technological future, it’s still very hard for many of us to travel even within the country from one place to another. No matter if your trade takes you to Gilgit Baltistan every other day or if you’re constantly on the go between the different parts of the beautiful Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, you are probably familiar with the difficulties most of us face when traveling from one point of the country to the other.

This is why the news of a recent proposed investment by a Chinese company has made our moods all the more chipper and we’re sure this will prove to be a booster for your moods as much as it is for ours!

According to the official sources cited by Radio Pakistan, a Chinese company has agreed upon laying railway tracks in the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

Even though no official reports are yet available, sources on the inside of the matter say that the railway lines will be connecting Gilgit Baltistan with Chitral, Mardan with Saidu Shareef and Dera Ismail Khan with Kohat.

Business and trade activities are speculated to flourish in the light of this recent development.

It seems as if though even before completion, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is having positive effects on the economic future of Pakistan. This investment seems like one of the most significant developments that have taken place in light of the recent agreement between Pakistan and the superpower. Now, trade is pouring in from different angles making the future is a much brighter place than we are at today.

It is being speculated that if completed, these tracks will make it much easier for tradespeople to commute not only all along the lines of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor but to reach far-off places within the Northern Pakistan, much more easily and quickly as well.

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