Coursera & PM’s Youth Programme Partnership: 3,000 adults across Pakistan Will Benefit

Earlier this week, provider of Massive Online Open Course (MOOC), Coursera has declared collaboration with Prime Minister’s Youth Programme in Pakistan. The partnership between Coursera and Pakistani government came into effect through ‘Coursera for Governments and Nonprofits’ programme. Over a period of time, MOOC provider will train around 3,000 young adults across Pakistan.

The objective of Coursera to partner with Pakistan through an official channel is that it will help them in ‘preparing their communities for the employment opportunities in the future’. The goal is expected to be accomplished through reasonable access to curated learning programmes and certificates. These traits will be directly affiliated to the skill development needs of the communities.

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In its blog post, a statement from the organization read:

“Overseas Technologies and Coursera have partnered with various public institutions, including the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, to train 3,000 young adults across Pakistan”

The statement further read:

“Participants will take online courses in computer science, data analytics, career success and language learning, and receive wraparound services from 13+ physical learning centres”

All the partners who will be involved in the programme will be supported in:

  • Designing new scalable learning models
  • Combined online learning
  • Personal services
  • Tracking the progress of the learners’ course
  • Skill gains through Coursera’s in-platform analytics

Coursera Partners with Six Other Countries

Pakistan is not the only country Coursera is partnered with. There are six more countries it has collaborated with including Egypt, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Singapore and United States of America.

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Coursera strongly believes that everyone should get quality and high-end education so that they can transform their lives for the better. They have partnered with colossal 147 top universities along with number of global organizations to accomplish this very vision.

Do you not think Coursera has done a great job to partner with Prime Minister’s Youth Programme?

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