Non-Implementation of The Consumers Protection Act Islamabad 1995

It is only last week that the non-implementation of the Consumer Protection Act had been in the news. The Sindh High Court (SHC) had demanded response from the provincial chief secretary, law secretary and other respondents till September 18, on a plea against non-implementation of the Sindh Consumer Protection Act, 2015.

This week it’s a non-government organization that has put forward a request to the government to implement consumer protection laws in Islamabad. In its protest registered against the government complacency, the organization has expressed concern over the unjustifiable lag in the execution of the Consumers Protection Council in the capital.

Role of the government

A non-governmental organization, the Centre for Peace and Development Initiatives (CPDI) has exhibited reservations over the continuous deferral in forming a Consumer Protection Council in Islamabad. Therefore, they have asked the government to execute the Islamabad Consumer Protection Act 1995.

The Executive Director CPDI, Amer Ejaz is not pleased with the overall efforts of the government. According to him, the federal government is liable to form a Consumer Protection Council. Essentially, it will assist in determining, supporting and safeguarding the rights of the consumers.

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The aforementioned law was adopted some 22 years ago. However, Amer Ejaz said that the government has been unsuccessful in implementing it in all these years. Speaking over the matter on Monday, he said:

“The delay speaks volumes of the government’s lack of interest in the rights of consumers, though it is responsible for ensuring that businesses follow ethical practices”

It is interesting to note here that for establishing the purposes of the act, the federal government had developed the Islamabad Capital Territory (Consumers Protection) Rules, 2011, after a delay of 16 years. However, like the usual bureaucratic lack of interest in matters of social significance, no solid steps have been introduced in the direction of execution of these rules because of the delay in the establishment of the Consumers Protection Council, as well as the Islamabad Consumers Association and Area Consumers Associations.

Do you think the government would enforce Islamabad Consumers Protection Act 1995 now?

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