Top 5 Cricket Apps to Spruce up your World Cup Experience

With the Cricket World brewing up some amazing clashes, you may want a fuller scoop of the happenings. Spice up your taste for cricket using any of the apps below.

1. Cricbuzz:

With heavy advertising all over television and the Internet, it was expected that Cricbuzz would reach over 10 million downloads. But what’s so special about it? It displays quotes from popular players about the performance of their co-players. It also allows us to relive the historical World Cup jerseys of all the different teams. It’s interesting to see how the colors and designs of the jerseys changed over time, and who were the sponsors behind it.

2. Cricly:

The best thing about Cricly is that it displays score updates on the lockscreen, so that a person does not have to open the mobile app to view the latest results and happenings in the world cup. The points table of the pools as well as the Man of the Match of the most recent match is given right on the lockscreen. But Pakistanis have to give their flavor somewhere and so an animated strip asking for sponsorships and advertising keeps running on the lockscreen which has the tendency to seriously annoy the user.

3. Stick Cricket:

If you are crazy about cricket, and watching a match does not fill your appetite, you can always play your own game on the world’s leading cricket game ‘Stick Cricket’. Hit a six or score a four, make sure you are always on fire. You may be asked to chase down 300 runs in 5 overs. Make your team win the World Cup. Up for the challenge?

4. ICC Cricket World Cup 2015:

Perhaps if you still think that the Official Cricket World App is the most reliable for you, you won’t be disappointed. With the best design and functionality amongst all the cricket apps, it allows you to have everything about the World Cup in one place. With daily fan polls for you to answer and features like ‘Hawk-Eye’ and ‘100 best moments’, it allows to relive the World Cup experience on your mobile. If you thought that your favorite batsman has been given out wrongly, you can become a cricket analyst yourself via this mobile app as it allows to view all the data related to pitch maps, wagon wheels, bowl speeds and variable bounce etc. If you live and breathe cricket, you don’t want to miss out on this app.

5. PTCL Smart TV App:

Now you can livestream all your favorite matches on your mobile via PTCL’s Smart TV App and that too without any ads. So if you are tired of Ten Sports & Star Sports giving an ad break after after every ball is delivered, you may want to switch over to PTCL’s mobile app. And if you are sitting in those poor offices without a television screen, you can no longer regret going to work during the Cricket World Cup. Just take your smartphone with you.

If you are still not satisfied, you might want to try these apps.

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