Rate Of Duty And Taxes On Mobile Phones (Updated September 2022)

Upon the instructions of Government of Pakistan, PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) imposed duties and taxes on the import of mobile phones since January 2019. The mobile phones, on the basis of their brands, models and types, have been assigned custom values for the purpose of  duty/tax clearance. Only the custom value paid phones, henceforth, shall be regularized as per the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) guidelines.

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Duty and taxes on mobile phones

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has placed 6 different slabs as duties and taxes on the import of mobile phones. Earlier, each device’s price was determined and tax was levied thereafter. However, the policy has now been tweaked and slabs are established for the convenience of the people.

As per the FBR’s website, the regulatory duty on the import of mobile phones valuing between $100-$200 will now be charged at a flat rate of Rs9,580 and Rs11,561 on passport and CNIC respectively. On the contrary, an individual will be charged at the rate of Rs27,600 + 17% sales tax (on Passport) and Rs37,007 + 17% sales tax (on ID) on import of mobile phones valuing more than $500 per set.

Following are 6 different slabs which shall help catering international travelers who bring along new smartphone alongside which is non-compliant with PTA:

With passport applied within 60 days of arrival in Pakistan

1- Up to $30 – Rs430
2- Above $30 and up to $100 – Rs3,200
3- Above $100 and up to $200 – Rs9,580
4- Above $200 and up to $350 – Rs12,200 + 17% Sales Tax
5- Above $350 and up to $500 – Rs17,800 + 17% Sales Tax
4- Over $500 – Rs27,600 + 17% Sales Tax


1- Up to $30 – Rs550
2- Above $30 and up to $100 – Rs4,323
3- Above $100 and up to $200 – Rs11,561
4- Above $200 and up to $350 – Rs14,661 + 17% Sales Tax
5- Above $350 and up to $500 – Rs23,420 + 17% Sales Tax
4- Over $500 – Rs37,007 + 17% Sales Tax

Therefore, if your uncle or friend is opting to gift you iPhone 14 in the coming days, then you would be required to pay Rs27,600 + 17% sales tax (on Passport) and Rs37,007  + 17% sales tax (on ID) as custom duty to make full use of the cellphone. If you do not pay the taxes, your mobile device will be blocked after 60 days. You’d still be able to use your mobile device but your SIM card will not be operational – unless of course – you pay the tax.

List of some popular smartphones with their duties on CNIC

1- iPhone 14, Pro Max, Mini: Rs37,007 + 17% sales tax
2- iPhone 13, Pro, Pro Max: Rs37,007 + 17% sales tax
3- Samsung Galaxy S22: Rs37,007 + 17% sales tax
4- Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Rs37,007 + 17% sales tax
5- Huawei P40 Pro: Rs37,007 + 17% sales tax
6- Samsung Galaxy A53: Rs23,420 + 17% sales tax
7- Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Rs14,661 + 17% sales tax
8- Huawei Y9a: Rs11,561
9- Samsung Galaxy A10: Rs4,323
10- Redmi 9C: Rs4,323

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