PTA Taxes On iPhone 14 Pro Max and other Mobile Phones (2023)

Since January 2019, the PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority) imposes duties and taxes on imported mobile phones, following government regulations. Imported phones – and those of visitors – will work on Pakistani mobile networks for 60 days after they are first log into them. Thereafter, the devices need to be registered with the PTA’s DIRBS system and the fees paid to the Federal Bureau of Revenues (FBR). If not, the phone will no longer be able to access mobile networks.

Here is how much you have to pay to register your phone.

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Duty and PTA taxes on mobile phones

The FBR has created six different categories for duties and PTA taxes on the import of mobile phones, depending on the sales price in US dollars. Earlier, the taxes were calculated based on the sales price of a brand and model. However, the policy has now been tweaked and slabs were established for the convenience of the people.

When you apply with a passport, the rates are lower. Foreign visitors can do so within 60 days after arrival, while Pakistani nationals can apply with a passport within 30 days after international travel. If this doesn’t apply to you, you will have to register with your CNIC, and pay higher duties.

Here is how much you need to pay in PTA taxes on imported mobile phones.

PTA tax with passport application

1- Up to $30 – Rs300
2- Above $30 and up to $100 – Rs2,000
3- Above $100 and up to $200 – Rs33,000
4- Above $200 and up to $350 – Rs39000
5- Above $350 and up to $500 – Rs57,000
4- Over $500 – Rs73,000

PTA taxes with CNIC application

1- Up to $30 – Rs407
2- Above $30 and up to $100 – Rs2,500
3- Above $100 and up to $200 – Rs36,000
4- Above $200 and up to $350 – Rs49,000
5- Above $350 and up to $500 – Rs68,000
4- Over $500 – Rs85,000

There are a few other taxes that can apply:

1. Regulatory Duty (Based on phone prices in USD)

  • If $1 to $30 = Rs180
  • If $30 to $100 = Rs1,800
  • If $100 to $200 = Rs2,700
  • If $200 to $350 = Rs3,600
  • If $350 to $500 = Rs10,500
  • If $500+ = Rs18,500

2. Sales Tax (Based on phone prices in USD)

  • If $1 to $30 = Rs150
  • If $30 to $100 = Rs1,470
  • If $100 to $200 = Rs1,870
  • If $200 to $350 = Rs1,930
  • If $350 to $500 = Rs6,000
  • If $500+ = Rs10,300

3. WHT – Withholding Tax

  • If $1 to $30 = Rs70
  • If $100 to $200 = Rs930
  • If $200 to $350 = Rs970
  • If $350 to $500 = Rs3,000
  • If $500+ = Rs5,200

4. IT Duty = 9%

5. Mobile Levy (based on phone prices in Rupees)

If cell phone value is Rs10,000 to 40,000 = mobile levy will be Rs1,000

If Rs40,000 to 80,000 = Rs3,000

If Over Rs80,000 = Rs5,000

6. Provincial Tax = 0.9%

Add the above values and you will get the exact tax value that you’ll have to pay.

Therefore, if your uncle or friend is opting to gift you iPhone 14 in the coming days, then you would be required to pay Rs108,979 (on Passport) and Rs132,527 (on ID) as custom duty to make full use of the cellphone. If you do not pay the taxes, your mobile device will be blocked after 60 days. However, you’d still be able to use your mobile device but your SIM card will not be operational – unless of course – you pay the tax.

List of some popular smartphones with their duties on CNIC

1- iPhone 14, Pro Max, Mini: Rs108,979 (on Passport) and Rs132,527 (on ID)
2- iPhone 13, Pro, Pro Max: Rs108,979 (on Passport) and Rs132,527 (on ID)
3- Samsung Galaxy S22: Rs72,500 (on Passport) and Rs85,600 (on ID)
4- Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4: Rs72,500 (on Passport) and Rs85,600 (on ID)
5- Huawei P20 Pro: Rs17,660 (on Passport) and Rs22,800 (on ID)
6- Samsung Galaxy A53: Rs39,500 (on Passport) and Rs49,000 (on ID)
7- Samsung Galaxy A52 5G: Rs39,500 (on Passport) and Rs49,000 (on ID)
8- Huawei Y9a: Rs4,510 (on Passport) and Rs6,000 (on ID)
9- Samsung Galaxy A10: Rs16,800 (on Passport) and Rs25,000 (on ID)
10- Huawei P10 Lite: Rs16,800 (on Passport) and Rs25,000 (on ID)
11- Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Rs72,500 (on Passport) and Rs85,600 (on ID)
12- Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Rs72,500 (on Passport) and Rs85,600 (on ID)
13- Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Rs72,500 (on Passport) and Rs85,600 (on ID)
14- Samsung Galaxy S10 Lite: Rs57,000 (on Passport) and Rs68,500 (on ID)
15- Samsung Galaxy Note 20: Rs72,500 (on Passport) and Rs85,600 (on ID)
16- iPhone 12 Pro Max: Rs109,248 (on Passport) and Rs132,823 (on ID)
17- iPhone 11: Rs100,302 (on Passport) and Rs122,982 (on ID)
18- iPhone 8: Rs98,977 (on Passport) and Rs110,311 (on ID)
19- Huawei Mate 20 Pro: Rs17,660 (on Passport) and Rs22,800 (on ID)
20- Redmi Note 8 Pro: Rs6,180 (on Passport) and Rs7,865 (on ID)
21- Samsung S23: Rs99,800 (on Passport) and Rs110,500 (on ID)
22- Samsung S23 Plus: Rs127,000 (on Passport) and Rs145,801 (on ID)
23- Samsung S23: Rs131,000 (on Passport) and Rs152,424 (on ID)

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