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Digital Training Program To Be Launched For 3,000 Women Across KPK

Despite the change in political leadership in Pakistan, the Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) continues to initiate programs within the province. In a rather encouraging more, KPK Government has decided to launch a digital training program. This program is ultimately designed for 3,000 women across the province. Moreover, the length of digital training program is going to be 2 years.

As many as 80 million rupees are apportioned for this 2-year long project. The development is confirmed by the Department of Science and Information Technology.

While speaking about the project, Minister for Science and Technology, Atif Khan, admired the development by stating that such practical steps are going to empower women economically. Moreover, he also stated:

“The provincial government will also create three special technology zones (STZs) to create employment opportunities in science and technology”

The minister commented that the STZ zones will be established in Haripur, Mardan and Peshawar districts.

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Objective of digital training program

The core idea of the program is to enable a large portion of women across the province with digital skills. Resultantly, it will improve and polish the skills of the women in domains including content writing, blogging, social media marketing, WordPress design and development, graphic designing. Subsequently, upon mastering the aforementioned skills, a woman would be empowered enough to make money for herself and the family. In addition, the menace of poverty will be eradicated besides enhancing the living standard in KPK. Additionally, the skills will further enable all these 3,000 women to attain the luxury of financial freedom.

Notably, World Bank supported KPK Government last year and spend colossal 840 million rupees on a new startup project. It was aimed to provide IT training to mammoth 25,000 individuals in the province. The move generated ample amount of employment opportunities.

Under the similar project, some 3,000 women also benefitted as they got trained too. Afterwards, most of the women managed to establish their businesses through the startup project.

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