Dubai Adopts Digital Passports, Gate-less Borders And Blockchain Powered Immigration

No, we aren’t talking about Sci-Fi movies here; Dubai has decided to introduce digital passports and gateless borders. The Dubai government has just recently signed an agreement with a UK-based startup, ObjectTech, to create digital passports that will offer a gateless entry into Dubai Airport. No long queues, no passport control, no stopping at the gates for passport verification – a travelers dream.

How will the gate-less borders work?

Dubai’s Immigration and Visas Department (GDRFA – General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners’ Affairs) and ObjectTech have partnered to create the world’s first completely autonomous and automated border control gate.

The key components in this will include a digital passport, biometric verification, and ‘Blockchain’ technology. Those aware of ‘blockchain’ will already know that it is considered as one of most reliable technologies in the world and is used for popular internet currency ‘bitcoin’.

The new technology once in place will enable passengers arriving from the aircraft to walk straight through baggage collection without having to go through passport control measures. The biometric verification will happen as passengers are walking between the terminals, allowing them to be registered into the country using a pre-approved and digitized passport.

Dubai’s vision to be 10 years ahead of the world

The agreement follows Dubai’s continuous drive to be a leader for rest of the world in terms of technology. The ‘10x policy’ has been part of Dubai planning goals and has seen Dubai reach out for new innovative solutions. Dubai is already using ‘smart gates’ integrated with Emirates Identity Authority enabling Emirate card holders to just scan passports and walkthrough.

This next step however is going to create a never before seen seamless integration for travelers and tourists alike. ObjectTech, the company behind the technology, have been working around to find different means to manage seamless entries. ObjectTech feels that ‘blockchain’ offers the most secure and versatile method for a problem that requires a great deal of security.

All we know is that once it goes live, the solution will create a great template for countries to replicate.

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