EasyPaisa Now Lets Users Create MasterCard Credit Card Within Seconds

One of the most difficult tasks in Pakistan is to secure a VISA or MasterCard credit card. To obtain a credit card in Pakistan, one has to have a secured job, substantial income, verifiable address and a home address besides plenty of other things. This is precisely why credit card penetration in Pakistan stands at a pitiful 0.01%. However, this is going to change. To make things easy for the people of Pakistan, EasyPaisa will now be empowering mobile app users to create MasterCard credit cards, that too, within seconds.

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How do I get my own MasterCard credit card?

The process is plain and simple. All you need is to tap on your EasyPaisa mobile app. Once you do it, tap on credit cards, and then choose your validity date and spending limit and you are done.

Surprisingly, you will be able to get your MasterCard credit card within 10 seconds. Thereafter, you will be able to use it anywhere online at will.

It is noteworthy to state that the ‘virtual’ credit card can be utilized for all sorts of transactions. It does not matter whether the nature of the transaction is online or offline. The payment will be deducted from your EasyPaisa account.

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EasyPaisa has the made the product greatly valuable for all its users. Here are some of the credit card’s beneficial features:

  • Creation of your own credit card within 10 seconds
  • Setting up your own expiry of the card and spending limit
  • A user can create as many credit cards as he would like with different expiry and spending limit
  • Option of freezing the card temporary is also available
  • One can delete the credit card within couple of seconds
  • Creation of the card is free of cost
  • Not a single rupee would be deducted from your EasyPaisa account if you create or delete your card

Are you looking forward to create your own virtual credit card?

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