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Emoey Launch, Beginning With Distinction

If one chooses to ignore Trump’s rise to power, 2017 has indeed taken off on a good note, especially for the start-up ecosystem in Pakistan. One of the recent addition to the flourishing start-up community has been Emoey, Pakistan’s one of a kind premium gift sending service start-up.

Recently Emoey conducted its power portal‘s launch ceremony at Arfa Karim Software and Technology Park on the occasion of Plan9’s Launchpad.

The launch ceremony attracted a horde of guests, fellow start-ups, observers from the media and other influential people from the startup fraternity to cheer the rise of a promising enterprise. The event commenced with a mentorship and idea building segment, which in itself is a trendsetting initiative in an ecosystem largely short of leadership. Attendees of the event considered it a good toast raised to the essence of start-up spirit, which primarily focuses on growth of the market more than itself.

The mentorship session, which turned out to be the highlight of the event, was directed at the product launch stage of a start-up. The inception and product story elements – supported by the case of Emoey – remained areas of focus for the eager audiences bringing them on board with the product journey and its development from the initial stages to where it stands today.

Speaking at the occasion, Bilal Javed the young founder and CEO of Emoey emphasized upon engagement with the customers and stressed upon knowing the impulse of the end user to provide the best service standards. Emoey’s focus to connect with its audience was well demonstrated by the way its CEO conducted the event.

An interesting discovery at the event was the knowledge that even at this early stage, the start-up has been able to grab partnerships with names such as  UNZE London, Womanly Wow and Medengg.

In an evolving nation standing at the cusp of deep rooted traditions and modern lifestyle, the launch of Emoey has been a breath of fresh air! For all those who believe in the powerful tradition of giving gifts, yet are always struggling with managing time, or finding variety, their worries have been taken care of. The gift delivering portal provides you with an array of choices to help you send personalized gifts and customized gift baskets to your loved ones. From corporate giveaways to cheering at your best friend’s birthday, to celebrating your eye candy’s existence, to wishing mom and dad at their anniversary: you name it, Emoey has it!

The scheduling feature available at the portal makes it super convenient and significantly handy for all those busy bees who are prone to forget important events, and/or are always caught up in last minute glitches.

Providing us a link for the talk Emoey’s lead man Bilal Javed conducted, the team stressed that the company wants to focus on its users, learn and understand their behaviour, emotions and then aim to satisfy them unlike others. Providing them with the kind of customer experience that they have not heard before, Emoey aims to not only stand out but also ensure customer loyalty and interest.

The launch event concluded with a gorilla strategy asking every attendee to sign up on and send a gift to their loved ones right away. Mr. Javed announced the first gift to be sponsored by Car Chabi, irrespective of the cost of the gift. The start-up got around 500 sign ups in their first hour of launching the portal.

The service, as we see it, is a merge of hardware and software where the brand connects the age old art of gift giving with technology. Through the web portal, users can send customized and personalized gift items in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner. Users can also record a message online, which will be sent in the form of a talking greeting card along with the gift making it more special and unique.

Now when it comes to giving gift, what more can you ask for?

Here’s raising a toast to the young team behind the start-up and wishing you luck!

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