Ensuring Maximum Security for New Smart TVs

Smart TVs are gaining popularity around the world for enabling access to a variety of digital, streamlined content. Like other devices which are connected to the Internet, Smart TVs are also vulnerable to exploitation by malicious elements.

It might seem that hacking TVs is a sci-fi thriller but it is very much an actual, do-able phenomena. Recently, the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warned customers about this.

The following steps will help you ensure maximum security for Smart TVs in your use:

Secure User Accounts

  • Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) wherever possible. If such a facility is not available, make sure you always have to manually enter login details (instead of saving them)
  • Avoid storing personal and financial information on TV apps
  • It is best if you create additional user profiles with their own login information and usage restrictions
  • Do not share login details with your TV’s primary accounts

Update Firmware and TV Apps

  • Check your user guide for specific instructions
  • Ensure that auto-update options are enabled for timely and regular updates

Disable TV Camera and Microphone

Probably the most exploitative components of a Smart TV are its camera and microphone. They can be used for sophisticated espionage and surveillance.

  • Restrict/disable camera and microphone from the Settings screen
  • Tape your camera with black tape (even if the camera feature is disabled)
  • Use the Smart TV remote instead of controlling through apps

Boost home network security

This is the best way to protect your entire digital ecosystem at home from unwarranted access.

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