When Music Marries Technology – How Entrepreneurs Can Use Music to Grow Their Startups

If you ever say that Music is just something of a hobby but not something that can actually support you in the long-term, you might get mixed responses from different schools of thought. However, keeping if it works for you or not aside, music is, undoubtedly, an industry that generates what are some of the highest levels of income across the world. Just look at Nashville, Tennessee, for example, a city which rakes in $10 billion in revenues, just via income.

However, don’t fret if you can’t fret those chords like a master because in today’s world, music is a tool that can be used on every level-especially marketing. And we’re not just talking about those annoyingly catchy jingles used by every brand in the 90’s, we’re talking about YOUR startup.

Hence, if you’re finding that your start-up’s appeal is lacking something and it’s hard for you to stand out from the other myriad of start-ups in the market, read on and discover how you can use music to grow your start-up:

  • Get Inside Your Young Consumer’s Head:

One of the easiest ways to use music to your advantage is by connecting to young people via it. Remember that right now the younger generation is consuming music more than any other medium. From making breakfast to working out to reading before bedtime, your audience is listening to music, non-stop.

Now, it is your job as an entrepreneur to cash in on this fact. Whether you do it via helping them connect with their favorite artist or inviting your audience to an event where they can enjoy live, the music and artists they enjoy listening to in daily life.

  • Explore Your Connections:

Who said you can’t capitalize on music and your own brand? No one likes a jingle but that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out a popular artist and collaborate with them to make some amazing and timeless music that will help your brand grow for the years to come? Hint: Even though they aren’t exactly start-ups but Coke Studio and Cornetto Pop Rock are amazing examples of this venture.

  • Grow Together:

If you know that many of your consumers listen to a particular young artist, why not collaborate with them with some subtle branding? Sponsor their concerts or just get a mention from them in their own concert. It wouldn’t hurt to make sure your brand is present at their concert even if you aren’t sponsoring. Make a life-long connection with them and help each other out whenever possible. Remember to give something back to them too!

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