Facebook users can now order food and book tickets directly from product page

Biggest social media platform Facebook recently announced an interesting feature for the users through which they can order a meal, book a movie ticket or make an appointment at the spa directly from the business page of a certain product/brand on Facebook.

Facebook announced the addition of this new tool on Wednesday (19th October). The users on the social media platform will now be linked directly with businesses. For instance, if a certain restaurant uses or Slice, then you can certainly order a pizza by clicking or the ‘order’ button on the Facebook page of restaurant.

Utilizing service directly from the page

A user can now tap on to a button to attain the services of any business page they might be interested in. A customer can make an appointment to the hairdresser through their Facebook page. As a result, the merchant will confirm the appointment while using Facebook Messenger.


It is pertinent to mention that Facebook has collaborated with Fandango which will allow users to directly purchase movie tickets from the page devoted to that film. Some of the users might opt to get a professional service quote and as a result some businesses may add a button to their page allowing users to ask for a price quote.

Recommendations from other users

Another tool which Facebook launched yesterday was that the users can get recommendations from other users or their friends. A user can turn on the recommendation feature. Subsequently, it will enable their friends to offer their suggestions on their post. If the recommendations appeal the users then they can order something as per their liking through Facebook application.


New feature limited to US users

These two features are currently available for the users in United States. As many as 84.5% Facebook users are outside of US and Canada and that is a big market. Social media giant aims to expand these two tools globally. While talking about the future goals, Facebook assured more new tools “in the months to come,” in particular “to communicate directly with businesses on your time and terms.”

Are you looking to explore these two features once it is available in Pakistan?

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