Farmers in Pakistan to Get the Updated Information on Changing Weather Trends

The farmers in Pakistan can take benefit from the data on fluctuating weather patterns and trends which is prepared by Met Office. According to the Director General of Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) Dr. Ghulam Rasul, the farmers in Pakistan can benefit through Met Office’s data as it will keep them informed about possible dry and rainy spells. Essentially, it will have a positive influence on their overall agricultural production.

While speaking on the topic, Ghulam Rasul stated:

“Unfortunately, the adverse effects of the climate change are affecting the agricultural production in the country. Subsequently, the farmers in Pakistan still need to get in touch with the changing weather trends. So we are developing a mechanism to ensure the farmers in Pakistan who are working even in far flung areas get the updated information about the weather patterns”

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Awkwardly, plenty of the farmers belong to the Potohar region and they do not know anything about weather trends. Moreover, they also lack information especially when it comes to negative impact on the agricultural production due to changing weather patterns.

Upgradation of Radar Technology

According to Dr. Ghulam Rasul, the radar technology in Pakistan is now out-of-date. However, the PMD has already initiated to frame a detailed plan about acquiring top-notch and high quality weather radars from the foreign market. As a result, the plan will enhance the weather projection system in the country.

Talking about the significance of upgrading radar technology in Pakistan, Ghulam Rasul stated:

“Extraordinary weather events including droughts since 2010 are reminders of how necessary it is to upgrade technology. Once the new instruments are installed, accuracy will improve by more than 90 per cent”

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It is noteworthy to state that the oldest weather radar in Pakistan was fixed back in 1978 in Sialkot. Surprisingly, it is still in use. The other remaining radars were installed in the 1990s. The installation of radars helps meteorologists to build short term 3 day predictions. As far as forecasting for 3 days is concerned, they attain 75 percent accuracy while projecting long term estimates like 7 days, the meteorologists achieve 67 percent exactness.

Source: The News

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