Faysal Bank Gets A Makeover As It Launches New Website

In a latest development, Faysal Bank has launched a new website for its customers. The announcement was publicized by the bank through a press release.

The website of the Faysal Bank got a fresh makeover after a gap of four years. The new look of the website is better than the previous one in terms of its accessibility, design and layout. Moreover, it is also user-friendly. It is a result of concentrated, rigorous and intensive hard work which is done over a period of time. The new layout portrays an active, dynamic, progressive and modernistic image of the bank.

Key features of the newly launched website

Some of the noticeable features of the website are:

  • The homepage contains all the relevant information about the bank. It covers most of the banking news along with all the ongoing campaigns. In addition, the website also comprises of collaborating features which eventually promotes a real time responsive feeling. Needless to say that the overall layout of the website is quite dynamic.
  • In order to have an easy access to chief lead generating products like credit card applications, loan applications, insurance and account opening, the call to action button is placed right on the homepage screen of the website, that too, in clear prominence.
  • The newly launched website runs on a Google-backed project, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). It empowers for load times that are up to 4 times faster on mobile devices. Moreover, it also utilizes 1/10th of the data on pages which are not built in AMP use.
  • The new website also encompasses progressive loading. As a result, it permits significant elements of the website to load before the picture. The images on a specific will load after the content is displayed.

It is highly recommended to visit their website to get the overall feel of the new look. Furthermore, you can also share your opinion and feedback with the bank.

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