Federal Cabinet Empowers PTA For 5G Network Testing And Development

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has been granted by the federal cabinet to issue a structure for brief testing, trial and advancement of upcoming technologies including the testing and development of 5G connectivity.

Moreover, the federal cabinet, using its powers under the Section 8(2) of the Pakistan Telecommunication (Re-organization) Act 1996 (Amended 2006), has granted the issuance of policy directives for consistence of PTA.

According to federal cabinet’s orders, PTA will issue a structure for test and improvement licenses/approvals for every single future innovation especially 5G communication technologies. Additionally, the PTA will put aside limited transfer speed in the frequency spectrum blocks presently under notion for 5G institutionalization purposes at whatever point accessible in Pakistan. These could incorporate the spectrum channels in 2.6 GHz, 3.6 GHz and other bands within millimeters wave propagation. However, only a limited number of users will be provided access to these frequencies for the purpose of testing.

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The structure for test and advancement licenses should incorporate criteria for the arrangement of the test licenses conditions, duration of licenses and different terms and conditions or reissuing the test licenses on expiry. Thereafter, PTA will counsel stakeholders regarding the framework. Later, it will conclude the test and development framework in three months to empower qualified organizations to procure such licenses. Moreover, PTA will consider the sorts of associations including telecommunication, equipment manufacturers, operators, and research & development organizations keeping in mind the end goal to empower the development and application of high level technologies in Pakistan.

A spectrum will be assigned to different eligible organizations which will help them in testing the new services along with researching and developing new technologies.

Further documentation revealed that the PTA will forward its request to the FAB (Frequency Allocation Board) for the allocation of specific frequency bands. Moreover, PTA will create a group consisting of members of FAB, Ministry of Information Technology, and the industry in order to further see the implementation process of the framework’s licenses. The working group formed by PTA will then appoint stakeholders for testing of 5G technologies and will further lay out the map for the development of future technologies in Pakistan.

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3G/4G gains 44 million subscribers

The officials at the ministry of Information and Technology told how the 3G and 4G services got a hold in Pakistan since their launch in 2014. The success of 3G and 4G technologies was gained due to the policies adopted by the government (MoIT). In just three years, 44 million people have subscribed to these services.

Furthermore, it was said that the Telecom Policy 2015 has provided everything from the early adoption of technologies to providing testing and development environment for future technologies. Futhermore, with the availability of 5G, the telecommunication market has to stay active in order to promote the use of 5G technologies. 5G will bring even greater data transfer speed and will give users a far better experience; an experience they never had before.

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For the previous half decade, the research and development on 5G technologies has been going on at multilateral standardization. The ITU-R has already published the general requirements for the performance of 5G services. Furthermore, by 2019, the 3GPP will also submit a report to the ITU-R for the specifications of the 5G technology. 5G has been undergoing testing for quite some time now and South Korea might be the first one to launch the service as it is planning to do so in the upcoming 2018 Winter Olympics.

Source: Profit Pakistan

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