Telecos In Pakistan Permitted To Conduct 5G Tests

On Tuesday, the Federal Cabinet officially gave a green signal to the issuance of Policy Directive to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). The permission has been granted under the Section 8 of the PTA (Re-Organization) Act 1996; according to which the telecommunication companies in Pakistan are now empowered to conduct 5G tests within the regulatory environment.

A meeting took place earlier yesterday which was headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi. The decision was taken in the meeting which was held at the Prime Minister’s Office in Islamabad.

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What does the approval imply?

The approval from the Federal Cabinet has enabled PTA to design a framework which will essentially allow the telecom operators in Pakistan to test 5G in the country well before it is actually auctioned.

All the telecommunication companies are strictly directed not to charge for 5G services commercially during the testing phase. However, it is yet to be determined that how and when PTA will actually assign the 5G spectrum to different telecom operators for the testing purpose.

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Rumors about 5G technology in Pakistan

According to the Minister for IT and Telecom Anusha Rehman, government is keen to kick off the preparations for the launch of 5G technology by 2021. According to Rehman Pakistani users would become the first among all the Asian countries to adopt the new 5G technology.

One of the telecom operators, ZONG is ready to test the 5G technology in the country if it is given the permission. It remains to be seen when PTA allows them officially to test 5G technology.

It is pertinent to mention that 5G technology is constantly evolving. Howover, the recognized standards for 5G operations are yet to be ascertained globally. Plenty of telecom operators all across the world, nonetheless, are preparing themselves for the launch by regularly conducting 5G tests.


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