Five Data Science Centres To Be Established Across Pakistan, HEC Reveals

As revealed by official sources, Higher Education Commission (HEC) is in process to launch Data Science Centres in each province of Pakistan, along with one in the Federal Capital, Islamabad. Dr. Arshad Ali, executive director HEC disclosed about the establishment of these Data Centres at a three day Science Workshop at HEC Secretariat, Islamabad. The workshop will end on Thursday, 20 April, 2017.

The basic purpose of this workshop is to enhance the access of locals to the international avenues in different education disciplines.  

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Dr. Edward Seidel, Director National Centre for Supercomputing Applications, University of Illinois has also been invited to the Workshop. He elucidated the emergence of new paradigm in shape of these Data Science Centres. Dr. Seidel further elaborated the importance of data sharing, which leads to the emergence of new scientific innovations. Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Big Data, Long Tail of Science, Materials Genome, and Big Data Hubs have also been his point of discussion.

The formation of Data Science Centres is the pertinent need of this era. These data centers have a huge contribution of data generation in the field of government, telecom and non-Government sectors. The proposed set up needs the input of professionals from different field to enhance the use of date generated for their optimal use in today’s industry.

According to Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairman HEC, the welfare of the people should be the main objective behind the promotion of constructive science. He stressed:

“Let’s work together for the well-being of humanity.”

Dr. Ahrshad Ali conveyed about the formation of five Data Centres. He elucidated the purpose of the this workshop is to train the faculty and research fellows to involve the new workforce for these data centres.

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Dr. Seidel stressed on the pertinent need of these data centers in today’s fast moving era. He emphasized that Data Science has an significant role not only in Computer Science but in almost all the disciplines including medical, engineering, and agriculture.

Because of less training and capacity building programs, we are lagging in the data processing which further leads to the inefficiency in our research publications. International and national partners have joined HEC in promotion of these data centres in Pakistan. Researchers and industry experts from US, China, UK, New Zealand and Australia will be collaborating with Pakistani fellows at these centres.

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