Phone Hacks: Free Up Your iPhone Storage Space

If you’re perpetually concerned about finding the best way to free up your iPhone storage space, you’re not alone. One of the major, if not critical, issues faced today by an iPhone user is the problem of storage running out. Clearing space by deleting old messages and space hogging apps is an all-too-common pastime for them. But by following a few simple steps can help you get rid of this problem in no time.

The handy way of adding more space is by installing the latest version of iOS 10. The iOS 10.3 version adds more space to your storage memory automatically by allowing the user to delete the “hard to delete apps” like Face time Notes and Calendar. After this, the most straightforward way to go would be ditching the apps you don’t use anymore and while you are at it, deleting the “app data” of some of the heaviest apps you use, might not be a bad idea.

Are your Texts Immortal?

Of course, not. If deleting the old messages yourself each day seems like a tiring task, go to Settings and select a time parameter for the phone to automatically delete old messages within the selected time period. This would instantly clear up a space of about 112 MB.


How Many Copies of a Picture Do You Need?

Media storage occupies a lot of space at a usual user end. If you select the option of ‘Keep Normal Photos’ instead of ‘High Dynamic Range’ (HDR) in settings. HDR usually saves two pictures of the same shot, which is one of the reasons of getting out of space storage.

Let Photo stream Take a Break

The pictures in your phone, without a doubt, take up most of the space. You can get a lot of free space on your iCloud account and your phone if you switch off the “photo stream” option in the Settings. This action prevents the backing up of all photos included in the gallery to your iCloud space. 

Instagram Could Be a Voracious Space Consumer

Instagram is a very trendy app these days, it consume much space if the option of ‘Save Original Photos’ has not been deactivated; which double saves the photos in your phone. You can simply turn it off in the Setting option in your Instagram profile.

How Important It Is To Clear Your Cache?

For Safari users, it is helpful to delete the history and cache files from your iPhone. This releases significant space for storage in your cell phone. Hit the ‘Clear History and website Data’ in the app settings and you will get rid of the storage issue.

Unburden Your iPhone of Redundant Audio Files

Optimal usage is the pre-requisite for a better space storage in your iPhone. We usually find a lot of outdated songs, which we do not listen anymore. Same is the case of podcast, which outlive their significance. Deleting these downloaded music tracks de-burden you iPhone in terms of storage space. Same goes for the Podcasts.

Do You Note A Lot?

The seemingly harmless Notes app does not appear in the storage section of the phone but does consume precious storage. Spring clean your notes every now and then and you might boost your storage a bit during desperate times.

After using all these tips, if it still seems like you need more storage capacity, use the handy iPhone feature of Phoneclean to clean up all the junk files from your phone. This app backs up all the important material before it clears the storage so you can get them back in case of a mistake. Use these simple steps next time and boost your storage space for new important things you might have.

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