French Government Introduces Special Visa to Support Startups

The presidential elections 2017 are about to be held soon in France. To boost the promotional campaign, French government launched their final program to support French startups. The government has introduced a simple way for foreign IT talent to travel abroad on a 4 year visa through French Tech Visa.

In an interview with TechCrunch at CES, Axelle Lemaire, Minister of State for Digital Affairs of France, briefed a teaser about this amazing program.

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Easy Visa through French Tech Ticket and French Tech Visa

The French government had also launched a similar program French Tech Ticket in 2015. This package came with a visa, scholarship and some administrative consultation as well. The program seems to be working progressively as two startup groups have already decided to visit France.

But the French Tech Visa is far better than the French Tech Ticket if you’re one crazy IT expert, or a growing entrepreneur.

According to sources, being a foreigner you can apply and possibly get quick processing. You can also take your family with you without any quota, as for the people living in European Union; there is no need for any visa.

To get the visa, besides the French Tech Ticket, entrepreneurs can participate in startup competitions and accelerating partnerships.

Government will create a list of “100+ leading French startups” to host employees. Although the list is incomplete, you can still get a visa if you get employed by any of these startup companies. It sure is a great opportunity for talented graduates. Moreover, you can get visa without staying at the company for the duration period.

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Participate in Startup Competitions and Secure a Visa

Passeport Talent program is also a new handy way for tech companies to apply. There is an O-1 visa in the US which provides visa to anyone with exceptional talent of art, science or technology.

For an investor, getting hired by a French VC firm will get you a visa. Additionally, you can also get a transfer to a new branch in France if you are working in an International VC firm. Passeport Talent can also be utilized by investor.

This program has proved to be a great strategy to support French startup as it’s a little difficult for talented employees to get hired in France.

The fact is that many employees of French startup ecosystem had a lot of trouble getting a visa. It’s true that getting a visa takes a long time and paperwork in France, similar to the US. One can hope to get some feedback about this program whether or not it’s faster get a visa this way.

In a nutshell, this surely is a great opportunity to have such a program by a country where even Facebook is eager to build its first startup incubator.

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