Fresh currency notes are now just one SMS away

While I was going to the office yesterday, I asked my Uncle (works in a bank) if he could manage fresh currency notes before the auspicious occasion of Eid for me like every year. He was pretty quick with his reply and made sure that I will be provided couple of packets subject to the availability by the end of the Holy month of Ramadan.

Are you among those individuals who rigorously and tirelessly look for fresh currency notes as Eid approaches? Most of the people anyway like to get hold of fresh currency notes even if they do not have to give ‘Eidi’ to anyone. In a rather great move, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has taken a good initiative to provide fresh currency notes to the citizens of Pakistan in couple of steps.

For the perusal, the SBP has initiated its SMS service for the issuance of fresh currency notes this year. You won’t be required to request for multiple times to your acquaintances for fresh notes. Instead, SBP has made it easier by launching an SMS service to facilitate people in acquiring fresh currency notes. This facility will be provided through 500 e-branches in 116 cities during Ramadan 2016.

The process is very simple. Two things are mandatory to acquire fresh currency notes. They are:

1- Your CNIC number
2- e-branch ID of your nearest designated bank branch

You can secure e-branch ID by clicking on the following link:

Once you go on to the link and jot down the nearest e-branch ID, please to do the following:

Go to ‘Write Message’ and type your CNIC number [space] e-branch ID and send that message as an SMS to 8877. You will be charged Rs. 2/- excluding tax for the SMS.

In reply to the SMS, you will receive e-branch address along with the redemption code with its validity. 2 days is the validity for the redemption code.

Once you receive the SMS from 8877, you can go to the concerned e-branch along with your National ID card and its photocopy and also the redemption code that you will need to present to get hold of fresh currency notes.

People should be careful about that fact that SBP has allotted a quota of new notes (granted to each person) in order to avoid misuse of the system. The quota consists of 2 packets of Rs. 10/- notes, 1 packet of Rs. 20/- notes and 1 packet each of Rs. 50 and 100/- notes subject to their availability.

It should also be noted that under each SMS service, each CNIC number and mobile number can be utilized only once. Redemption code will not be issued to the sender if they:

1- send the same CNIC number from different mobile numbers
2- send different CNIC numbers from same mobile number

SBP Banking Services Corporation (SBP BSC) has also established a helpdesk (available during office hours) at 111-008-877 to entertain the queries of general public for the same. The helpdesk can be contacted through nationwide dialing code of:

042 for Punjab
021 for Sind and Baluchistan
051 for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Azad Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan

This is an extremely effective move from the State Bank of Pakistan since there is plenty of panic among individuals especially during the end of the month when Eid is fast approaching. Moreover, it will also help people to acquire fresh currency notes without any fuss and hassle.

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