Get Slush’d: i2i with Slush Presents Global Impact Accelerator

Get Slush’d: i2i with Slush Presents Global Impact AcceleratorGet Slush’d: i2i with Slush Presents Global Impact Accelerator

Invest2innovate a leading accelerator in Pakistan has teamed up with Slush to provide a platform that would help impactful startups to get an entry into the hallowed portals of the next Slush Tech Conference that is to be held in Helsinki on November 11-12th 2015.

i2i in partnership with Slush is hosting a local pitching competition in Islamabad on July 31st 2015. Ambitious and impact oriented startups can pitch for their business in this platform named aptly as “Get Slush’d”. The selected startups would then get an opportunity to attend Slush 2015.

What is Slush

Slush is a non-profit event that brings together premier startups and tech talent with investors and top executives from all over the world. Getting an entry into this elite conference can open a world of opportunities for startups as they not only gain investors but are also mentored and guided in the right path by the best and the brightest in the industry.

Slush had started as a 300 people event but has grown immensely in the last 7 years. A mix of entrepreneurs, students, music organizers, and investors organize the Slush tech conference which might be the key to its eclectic nature. It is the only conference in the world that is supported by the Government of the country that hosts it.

Selection process for “Get Slush’d”

I2i is hosting Get Slush’d in Islamabad in partnership with the local host WeCreate Pakistan. If you are an entrepreneur wanting to change the world or even your own town with your business idea then fill in the form for this event by July 18, 2015. Here is the link to the Application form.

There would be an initial selection basis the application and the selected startups would be able to pitch for their business to a local panel of judges in the “Get Slush’d” pitching competition in Islamabad. This panel of judges would then short list 2 to 4 high impact startups that would have to fill in another detailed form.

The Selection Committee would call these short listed candidates for an interview. The final selection of startups that would get to attend the Helsinki Slush tech conference would be determined basis the interview and the detailed applications.

What is in it for you?

Attend the Helsinki Boot Camp

The selected candidates from the local pitching competition would get to attend the Helsinki Global Impact Accelerator boot camp program from November 4th to 13th 2015. The travel costs including the tickets and accommodation would be borne by the program for the selected candidates. The Helsinki boot camp would culminate with the Slush tech conference that will be held on 11th and 12th of November 2015.

A Ticket to the Slush Conference

The Slush tech conference for which the ambitious new startups would be getting a pass to would be the glittering finale to the entire Slush experience. However, the workshops, guidance, and networking that will be provided in the Helsinki boot camp prior to the conference are also just as essential for the startups to make a mark for themselves.

Get a Place in the Slush Impact Program

Slush Impact is a program that works to promote the most socially impactful startups which are working towards the improvement of our society as whole. Exclusive networking opportunities, workshops, and side events aid these startups. Slush Impact selects 30 such rising stars with a social conscience for this program.

Attend the UNICEF Innovation Summit

The UNICEF Innovation Summit is an amalgamation of the truly inspirational and socially active thinkers and doers of the world. The summit offers some great experiences that can help shape the future entrepreneurs of our generation. It also offers a great networking platform for the upcoming stars in the startup world.

Network with the Big Guns from all Over the World

Slush conference held last year in November attracted nearly 750 investors; it featured 3500 companies and had nearly 14000 attendees. This is a hotbed of international investors, media, and top executives. A chance to represent your company in such an elite gathering is definitely worth working for.

Learn from the Very Best

A Global Impact Accelerator boot camp precedes the Slush tech conference. This boot camp features numerous skill workshops and capacity building exercises that can be extremely useful for the new generation of ambitious and dynamic entrepreneurs. Meeting like-minded individuals trying to carve a niche for their businesses in the same industry can give a fair idea of the competition and the ways and means of staying at the top.

Have the Time of your Life

Slush is by no means a dull and plodding conference filled with presentations and discourses. The idea here is to get startups, investors, executives, and media together in a highly informal environment filled with music and parties. Do not expect to be bored for a minute; this is one tech conference that is anything but nerdy.

These are a lot of pluses for entering into the local pitching competition in Islamabad. This is an opportunity that is should not be missed if you are really serious about growing your business to global proportions.

I2i is one of the 19 organizations selected from around the world to partner with Slush and host a local pitching competition in Pakistan. This is a huge honor for the Pakistani accelerator that has already contributed a lot to the growth of young and dynamic entrepreneurs of Pakistan. This accelerator has not only helped startups in getting the right investors and funding but also mentored them to make the most of their potential.

The local pitching competition held by this accelerator is another step to promote the immensely capable startups of the country into global limelight. We can help them in this exercise by spreading word about the competition in all our networks. Social media is a very powerful tool and we can use it constructively to let the worthy businessmen of tomorrow be aware of the immense opportunity knocking on their doorstep.

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