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Google Doodles For Pakistan: 2011 – 2018

For the 8th year in a row, Google has commemorated Pakistan’s Independence Day (14th of August) with a customized Google Doodle on their Google Pakistan homepage. You can see the seven doodles below, starting with this year:


















2014 Doodle

2014’s Doodle outlined the Pakistan Monument, Pakistan’s newest national monument located in Islamabad. This monument is an architectural masterpiece that portrays different aspects of Pakistan in a beautiful manner. The overall structure (also shown in the Doodle) showing four petals represent the four provinces of the country. Art depicting Islamic architecture is used to cover the insides of the walls of these petals. The monument is located on a small hill in Islamabad, making it a vantage point to see the beautiful capital city.

Google has a rich tradition of doing Doodles to mark different events, anniversaries and other important dates. Be it scientist’s birthdays or a religious holiday, finding out what Google has put up on their homepage has become somewhat of a tradition among the community of global internet users.

Selection Process

The process of selecting only a few doodles out of many hundreds trying to make it to the homepage has a similarity with the way the architect and design for the Pakistan Monument was selected. The Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners (PCATP) held a competition before the monument was constructed to select the best design.

Google has been deep in the middle of controversy in Pakistan with the ban of YouTube (owned by Google) almost three years ago as well as FBR’s attempt to tax Google. We hope that there is a congruence of interests between both parties that they can jointly benefit from in the future.

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