“Google Hire”, The Job Search Service To Take Over LinkedIn’s Territory

Creating job search portals is the new black. Don’t believe us? Well, see how after Facebook taking the lead a few weeks back, now Google is also stepping into the territory that earlier belonged to LinkedIn solely: job search service.

As the preparations suggest, Google is about to launch a new job search service Google Hire aimed at providing an employment platform. This would also provide the job seekers, mostly youth, with ample opportunities and correspondingly develop and hon their skills in collaboration with the best in the business.

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The company though, has not launched it officially but the home page is live for everyone to acquaint themselves with.  Everything beyond the home page is locked at the moment and no access is provided to general public. People trying to sign in with the Google account, only to be told that the particular email address is not associated with a Google account. This may well be Google’s way of locking people out until the service officially launches.

Many sources claim that Google Hire would be a recruitment tool which would subsequently allow employers to manage job applications. Employers could conveniently then be able to post ads for listing, which jobseekers would be able to apply for.

The service requiring individuals to sign in using their Google account has led to broad concerns that the recruiters will be able to see an applicant’s entire search history. At this point, it will be a far fetching to come to any conclusion regarding the extent of the permission that will have to be granted in order to use the service. But knowing Google and how they conduct their operations, there must be a way that would make it more users friendly and reliable. Keep checking out this space for further information regarding this development.

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