Facebook Introduces a Job Posting Feature. Should LinkedIn Worry?

Is Facebook just a social networking site and a marketing tool? Not anymore! Having more than a colossal 65 million business pages, Facebook realized that a huge avenue was untapped i.e. job posting; which could fulfill the recruiting requirement of businesses. Till date, these business pages acted as efficient marketing tools and most importantly a place to directly interact with the customers. However, there was a void for the human resource element of the business i.e. attracting the right people for the job. Therefore, the social networking site has introduced a ‘Job’ section only for its pages.

This feature will initially be implemented in U.S. and Canada in the next few weeks. As a result, page admins will be able to post any job vacancy on their Facebook page and receive applications through Facebook Messenger app. Skeptics suggest that Facebook has taken a snap at LinkedIn as the latter is marketed based on the USP of job opportunities. Nonetheless, LinkedIn caters to a more formalized network of job postings.

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Facebook tested this idea last year and now has opted for a full-fledged launch suggesting that test results have been encouraging enough for them to make it official. Andrew Bosworth, Vice President Business and Platform at Facebook said:

“Today we’re taking the work out of hiring by enabling job applications direction on Facebook. It’s early days but we’re excited to see how people use this simple tool. We’d like to see how people get the job they want and for businesses to get the help they need”

How Will It Work?

If a company has a vacancy, the business page admin will create job posting by using the Page composer filling in the following details:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Full time or part time job
  • Salary or hourly wages
  • Additional details if required

Once published, the job post will appear on its page and those who have liked or have followed the Page will be notified on their news feed. The job post will expire within 30 days regardless.

From the perspective of the applicant, if you aspire to apply for a job, you just have to click on “Apply Now” and submit your application. The document will sync with your Facebook public profile information including your name, job history and other relevant information and fill that information in your application. Nevertheless, this information can always be edited before submitting the application.

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This will enable the social networking site to encourage people to fill in more personal information. This would, consequently, enable marketing campaigns to be better customized for the right customer.

All applications will be submitted by Facebook Messenger. Subsequently, it will start a communication process (between the employer and the employee) through chat or email. This convenience will undoubtedly open new horizons for both sides.

Difference Between Facebook and LinkedIn in Terms of Job Posting

The main differentiating element between Facebook jobs and LinkedIn is the type of jobs which are being posted by businesses. The former is currently used by many small businesses who mostly post part-time or unconventional jobs (which don’t require a 9:00-5:00 office setup). On the other hand, LinkedIn is mostly used by large corporations and businesses. In addition, the social networking site cannot integrate with applicant tracking systems like Workday, Taleo, or LinkedIn.

With more than 1.86 billion active users, there is a room for many unconventional job requirements. Moreover, people who already like a page of (ex: of a restaurant or a retailer) any related job post appears in the news feed they might be tempted to apply as they already like that brand.

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Those who are supporting this move are claiming that the idea emanated from peoples’ need to look for jobs through Facebook. Interestingly, the company could earn additional revenue as businesses could leverage Facebook’s marketing tool to post its jobs.

Currently the feature is only being launched in U.S. and Canada on both mobile and web. However, Facebook is also planning to expand it to other countries as well.

Do you think job posting on Facebook will emulate postings on LinkedIn?

Source: VentureBeat

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