Google To Use Artificial Intelligence To Enhance Search Engine Ranking

What is Google up to? Something really big. According to the tech giant, it is in the middle of what will be a revolutionary change to Google’s ranking algorithm for at least next five years. The notion of Google is to push Artificial Intelligence (AI) to boost search engine ranking efficiency.

Through this new technique, the search engine will understand the questions of an individual in a better manner. This is something which – according to Google – did not comprehend too well in the past.

The VP of search engine, Pandu Nayak said in a statement:

“The change, which involves a new language analysis technique to try to understand users’ queries better, is set to affect its response to one in 10 searches”

Google has already started to update the software in its data centers. The idea is to make this change for English language searches. Ultimately, the change will also apply to other languages too.

One of the most difficult problems in Artificial Intelligence is the comprehension of language. Primarily, it is hard due to language flexibility and the context a person uses it in.

As of now, the algorithm of Google has looked to handpick the most important words in a search query. Subsequently, the use of lesser common words are ignored for now.

In a blog post, Pandu Nayak said:

“While we’ve continued to improve our language understanding capabilities over the years, we sometimes still don’t quite get it right, particularly with complex or conversational queries”

Since its inception, Google has consistently improvised its search engine. However, the current update is said to be one of the biggest leap forward in the history of search engine, as per Pandu Nayak.

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A new technique – BERT

BERT is a new technique which helps Google in improving improves how it understands search queries. It is important to mention that BERT analyzes search queries, not web pages. However, on page SEO becomes more significant in terms of using words in precise ways.

Essentially, BERT is a deep learning algorithm which is related to natural language processing. It helps a machine to understand what words in a sentence mean, but with all the shades of context.

Search algorithm expert Dawn Anderson said:

“BERT and family improve the state of the art on 11 natural language processing tasks. Even beating human understanding since linguists will argue for hours over the part of speech a single word is”

Companies which rely on search engine for their businesses are likely to abhor this idea since most of the Google’s breakthrough updates have a greater impact on its ranking algorithms which results in diverted traffic to outside websites.

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