Google Warns App Developers: Fix Loopholes Or Leave The App Store

Get your privacy loopholes fixed by 15th March 2017 otherwise your app will be removed from Google Play Store, tech giant Google has warned app developers. In a latest development, the tech hulk has issued a stern warning to the app developers that all the apps from the Play Store that do not have privacy policies shall be weeded out.

The warning is likely to shake millions of applications that do not fulfill with the policy. App developers who do not reveal what they do with the data of the users will face the same penalty. The apps in question are the ones imitating to be as useful as alternative loans. However, unlike them these apps engage with the users and steal their sensitive data.

According to the tech company, app developers not sharing the details about where the user data goes is against the policy of Google. As a result, the company is firm to take stern action against such apps by either controlling their visibility or removing the app altogether.

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15th March is the Cut-Off Time

Google has given a cut-off date until 15th March 2017 to all the app developers. They are supposed to get their privacy policy fixed within the said time frame. The developers can validate the privacy either through legal privacy policy within their app or they should cease inquiring about sensitive user data.

Sensitive data can be anything and it may include:

  • Information regarding financial and payment credentials
  • Phonebook data
  • Access to gallery
  • Contact data along with microphone
  • Camera sensor data

While speaking to The Next Web, the creator of Hip Hop Ninja app Jack Cooney stated:

“I think it’s fantastic. This will clear the Google Play store of so many junk and zombie apps. Our games will find increased visibility on the store as the search terms will become much less cluttered”

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Privacy Retention is Difficult

Maintaining privacy of users’ data is the chief cause of concern especially when it comes to Android since its operating system is open-sourced. Plenty of hackers are always looking to deface the apps. Since Android OS is quite vulnerable, it becomes relatively easier for malicious apps to enter into the Play Store. Moreover, such apps pretend as if they are real and ignore the privacy policy.

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