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Guide: How To Screenshot Entire Web Pages Without Any Chrome Extension

Screenshots are fun. They are essential too. Most of the internet users are pretty much obsessed with screengrabs and it’s no brainer that it is useful as well. If you are using Windows, you can hit the Print Screen button from your keyboard to get the screenshot of the desired page. However, if you are on Mac, you can grab the screenshot by Shift-Command-5. In his postDavid Murphy has discovered this unique idea of grabbing screenshots of entire web pages without any chrome extension.

When it comes to extensions, there is no ambiguity in taking full-page screenshots. However, David found out that an extension is not at all required if you are to screenshot a certain web page.

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The trick

At the outset, you would be required to open Chrome’s Developer Tools by pressing F12 on your keyboard from Windows or Command+Option+i from Mac. Thereafter, you will have to tap the little icon which looks like a smartphone which is visible in front of a tablet to enter into the Device mode. This is how it looks like:

This is how the page would appear in your browser:



David Murphy stated in his blogpost:

“You’ll then want to make sure that the “Responsive” preset is selected—it was, by default, when I did this. Then, click on the triple-dot icon in the far right of the same toolbar (it’s just a little to the left of the Device mode button you previously clicked on). You’ll want to select the option to ‘Add device pixel ratio,’ and then change that ratio (DPR) in the field that appears from two—its default—to three”

Follow these steps afterwards:

  • Press Control/Command+Shift+P
  • Type ‘Capture full size screenshot’
  • Select that option

Chrome will automatically create a beautiful .PNG of the page besides downloading it in your Downloads folder.

According to your needs, you can also adjust how the screenshots look. Besides playing with the dimensions, you can customize your own height and width.

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