Habits of Highly Successful Startup Founders [INFOGRAPHIC]

Startup founders have a few personality traits that may make them better suited to the startup life than the general population. Most people don’t have the internal drive to network like their lives depend on it, but that’s just exactly what it takes to be a successful startup founder. Most people are extremely risk averse, but learning from failure is completely necessary to the long-term success of a startup.

Highly successful startup founders typically ask themselves three questions. First, what is the long term purpose of the startup? Having an idea is one thing, but making it last is something else altogether. Second, what will the company look like in five years? It’s important to be able to envision changing along with the market. Third, what small scale experiments can help us to identify problems before they scale up? Fixing problems on the small scale can help ensure longevity in a startup. Learn more about habits of highly successful startup founders from this infographic!

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