Heads up! Zong Just Launched the Fastest 4G Internet SIM in Pakistan

Zong is Pakistan’s largest provider of 3G and 4G services. Zong has now come out with Pakistan’s first and fastest 4G Internet SIM. The SIM comes with a multitude of bundles for the service provider’s customers.

The special SIM

The new SIM works with all SIM supported smart devices such as smartphones, SIM-enabled tablets, SIM supported laptops and also devices such as Wingle and Mifi. The users will be able to use 3G & 4G internet services via the SIM wherever Zong has cellular coverage.

Along with the new 4G SIM, Zong has also created bundles for various user bases. These bundles also include “Double The Volume” offers to provide the best packages for Zong’s ever increasing customer base. The packages on offer range from 4GB to 100 GB at affordable charges.

The new SIM also has modern features. The SIM touted to be the fastest 4G Internet SIM in Pakistan can be used with various security systems that are used privately and commercially.

According to Mr. Babar Bajwa, Commercial Officer (CCO) of Zong:

“Zongs’ subscribers across more than 250 cities of Pakistan would be benefitting from the fastest 4G Internet SIM The Zong subscribers will have an ideal opportunity to make best of the internet services, that too powered by 4G, using the fastest 4G Internet SIM. We are the only mobile network that offer high-powered 3G, 4G services simultaneously and never disappoint our precious consumers. Zong is best of the best and we have proved it once again by launching the fastest internet SIM in Pakistan’s telecom history.”

*6666# to subscribe

All you need to do is dial *6666# from your Zong number to subscribe to the new Internet SIM Bundles and GNO add-on. Or, if you have the time, you can subscribe by visiting Zong’s customer support center, franchise or retailer.

Internet SIM Bundles

Making it a point to cater to all of its customer base, Zong has come out with the following bundles for its new fastest 4G SIM:

Data Volume


Double Volume

Monthly 4GB

PKR 500


Monthly 10 GB

PKR 1,000


Monthly 24 GB PKR 1,500


Monthly 50 GB

PKR 2,000


Monthly 100 GB

PKR 3,800

200 GB

3 months 4GB/Month

PKR 1,300


3 months 24GB/Month

PKR 4,000


Monthly GNO (1GB/Day) 1-9 am(Add-on)

PKR 200


Good Night Offer (GNO) Add-on

  • GNO is only available to customers who have subscribed to any other bundle I.e. GNO cannot be added if the customer does not have one of the above mentioned bundles.
  • GNO adds 1GB per night, each night. The additional 1GB can be used only from 1am to 9am. During this period, the original bundle will not be utilized. If the per night 1GB has been used up the original bundles’ resources will kick in, if available.
  • GNO has the same validity as that of the original bundle.
  • All prices are inclusive of tax
  • ‘Double the Volume’ offer is valid only till 29th Feb 2016
1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. asadkhattak

    01/03/2016 at 4:45 pm

    how much you are paid for this piece of shit? worst service provided by zong. Their upload speed is more then download. What a joke.

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