HEC Launches An Online Grievance Redressal Portal For Students

Higher education commission of Pakistan (HEC) has launched an online complaint registration and monitoring system to facilitate the students. The new portal is called Grievance Redressal Portal. The commission has long been working on digitizing its operations for the ease of millions of students in Pakistan. 

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The system is designed to deal with all kinds of issues that previously required the students to make countless visits to the HEC offices across the country. To much relief of students and professionals alike, issues like degree attestation and acquiring the equivalence certificate can now be done online with the help of Degree Attestation Service and Degree Equivalence Service, respectively.

In order for the students to use the system, they will have to register themselves online on the new portal. Although this makes things easier in general, the online registration process is a very lengthy one. The student is required to provide information from date of birth and place of birth to the name of the family they belong to along with contact details, employment backgrounds, educational histories and other minute details.

After the student gets registered at the portal, he/she can easily get a number of concerns addressed. The issues HEC’s online portal covers include admission related issues, gender and race discrimination issues, scholarships, harassment, and result related issues. The system also provides the opportunity to lodge complaints against teachers or institutes who demand favours against grant of grades/admission. This feature of the online system is very useful since such issues are faced by the students on an almost daily basis. 

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The education system in our country seriously lags in a lot of areas. This initiative is one of its kinds taken by the commission in a long time. This further gives the students high hopes regarding future upgrades in the system which will make it much easier and honest for them to use. Although the online portal is big step forward, it still needs to be centralized further so that it can become more user friendly.

The Grievance Redressal Portal can be accessed here.

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