No More Stoning at Stoners: TJU Receives $3 Million in Funding for Marijuana Research

Marijuana legalization became a reality in the United States a while ago. However, with almost half the states in the nation having legalized the plant, there still isn’t a dedicated research center across the whole country that would be dedicated to researching the benefits of the herb.

Now, with a research grant of $3 Million from Australian philanthropists Barry and Joy Lambert, The Thomas Jefferson University recently went on to establish a center for research on cannabis; named the Lambert center for the Study of Medicinal Cannabis and Hemp, the facility will focus on the research of the therapeutic potential of medicinal marijuana and the hemp plant.

It is also being hoped that a number of cannabinoids will be developed for the same purpose. According to the University’s website, the center’s goals will include:

  • Providing expert, unbiased information about the medical uses of marijuana, hemp extract and cannabinoids to clinicians and patients
  • Conducting research and serving as a hub for multinational research to evaluate “and elevate” the evidence basis for cannabinoid therapy in a variety of medical conditions
  • Providing “best-in-breed” support for development of entrepreneurial and socially responsible medical marijuana businesses and clinical approaches

The Lamberts have step forth in this crucial hour to offer their financial support due to some personal reasons. They support medicinal hemp research because of their granddaughter Kaitlin’s experiences.

Kaitlin was diagnosed with Dravet’s syndrome. The syndrome is a genetic condition that affects the brain’s capability to send electronic signals to the rest of the body. This can result in seizures at any time.

The Lamberts said that due to the fact that hemp-based medical marijuana had helped in providing Kaitlin with some relief against the genetic disease, they want to invest in the research regarding the plant so that they may be able to help provide relief to others as well.


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