Highlights from ‘Made By Google’ Event (2019)

The 2019 edition of the ‘Made By Google‘ hardware event in New York witnessed the launch of new back-to-back products manufactured by the industry giant.

Following is a roundup of product launches for those who missed participating or live-viewing the event:-

Pixel Buds


Google has plans to launch its new earbuds by mid 2020 for a retail price of $179.

These buds have a 5-hour independent battery life and 24 hours of backup. The design has hybrid features including a bottom-facing vent to allow outside noise.

The buds will automatically adjust content volume in accordance to your environment.

Pixelbook Go


This Chrome-OS laptop is 13mm by size and priced at $649 giving 12 hours of battery live.

It features ‘ultra-quiet hush keys’, more silent than those on any of Google’s laptop.

The “Just Black” version of Pixelbook Go can be pre-ordered here whereas “Not Pink” versions will be available in the market on a later day.

Nest Mini


This smart speaker will be available for purchase on the 22nd of October for $49.

It comes in a new “Sky” colour along with wall-mount design. Google says that Nest Mini has twice as much bass than the Home Mini and includes a third microphone so the speaker can hear you better.

It comes with a standalone machine learning chip with 1 TeraOPS of computing power, removing the need for data processing via Google’s data centres. Click here for pre-orders.

Nest Aware


The new Nest Aware facilitates event-based recording and added video history to all Nest cameras in your household.

Now you can pay a single fee for the price of all installed cameras! The product will be released in early 2020.

Nest Wifi


You will get a router which can be plugged into your cable modem and a “wifi point” to boost coverage.

Google says that home coverage has improved by 25 percent because of this facility at twice the speed of Google Wifi.

Nest Wifi includes a built-in Google Assistant speaker. Click here to preorder.

The two-pack starts at $269 and three-pack at $349.

Pixel 4


This was perhaps the most-awaited Google product this season. This latest smartphone offering will be available on the 24th of October for $799 ($899 for XL). Click here for preorders!

The Pixel 4 comes with a radar like “Motion Sense” which enables rapid facial detection to unlock the phone and also a facility to control the phone through gestures. Motion Sense data is saved on your device and not shared with Google’s other services.

Additional processing capabilities of Google Assistant have been incorporated to speed-up communication with the smart manager.

Interestingly, Pixel 4 contains a “Recorder” app which will enable real-time transcription of what you and the device hear. How cool is that!?

The phone comes with an OLED display having 90Hz refresh rate. Smart battery consumption will be adjusted according to the environment sensed by the phone.

The camera has a “hyperspectral sensor” and microphone with a combination of optical and digital zoom for increased image clarity. Some of the other computational photography features in the Pixel 4 include:-

  • Live HDR: Using machine learning technology to predict what your HDR+ shot may look like. Also includes Dual Exposure Controls during the photo planning phase.
  • White Balancing: All photo modes will benefit from white-balancing enabling greater colour accuracy during inconvenient situations.
  • Portrait Mode: Depth is computed via machine learning to increase the accuracy and include additional objects for better captures.
  • Night Sight: Improves the ability to capture starry skies with greater exposure.


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