Honda Civic Type R: First Impressions of the Much Awaited Honda

Honda sales are growing in Pakistan, in a market that was traditionally dominated by Toyota; Honda has been able to maintain more than a strong foothold now.

Now with the new Civic in town, we have to see whether it will be able to further ‘convert’ people from Toyota to Honda.

The New Features

We start straight away from the new features that the car will be offering

  1. The 2.0 liter engine delivers 306 horsepower and 295 pound/feet torque.
  2. Six-speed manual transmission to harness the horsepower seamlessly
  3. The end of the boot no-boot debate with the hatchback delivering a beautiful aerodynamic fresh look

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Trim levels and feature offering

The single Touring trim is available while you can select color of the car depending on your choice. Honda packs a punch in terms with accessories but you’ll have to part with plenty of money for that. The performance side includes

  1. Powertrain
  2. An adaptive damper system
  3. Three-drive modes
  4. 20-inch alloy wheels
  5. Sports seats

There is also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto – compatible entertainment system with a 7-inch screen. You also get a bumper 12-speaker stereo system and Honda’s navigation (depending on market).

Honda is continuing to work on creating better aerodynamics for the car. Better engine cooling system allows for a wider lower design. May not be ideal on smaller roads but perfect for long distance journeys on highways and motorways!

The Interior and Finishing Touches

The ‘I am a sports car’ message is obvious when it comes to the interior. The red and black interior with carbon fiber-style accents and red trimming around the rubber and plastic touch points is beautiful to look at.

The leather-wrapped wheel and customized pedals are functional and good to look at, at the same time. Driving the car is an experience, the spacious cabin is designed such that if you ever wish, you can wear a driving helmet and take the car out for a spin. The back seats are spacious and comfortable – the car does convert into a comfortable family saloon when you really need it to be.

The space in the boot is plenty for packing the necessities for a visit to the airport. Cubic space available is 25.7 cubic feet, which is considered as pretty spacious.

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Driving Experience

Civic offers a smooth drive. It isn’t a powerhouse but you really don’t need that much power anyway. The transmission is slick, the gear changes are comfortable, and not tiring when you may eventually get stuck in rush hour traffic.

Safety Features

The standard features are all available. Disk brakes, front, front and side airbags, and side curtain airbags as well.

Final Verdict:

Honda Civic just doesn’t deliver a drive, it delivers an experience. Something to look forward to definitely.

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