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How To Back Up Your WhatsApp Data On iCloud [iPhone]

Have you ever worried about losing your WhatsApp data? Do you fear losing your phone somewhere; thereby, losing the entire data? If your answer is a definite YES then you needn’t worry as you can always back your data up. If you are an iPhone user, it is significant to mention that WhatsApp backs up your data to cloud by using iCloud.

As a result, entire account data including chat logs, documents, pictures and videos etc. are secured if you lose your phone. Subsequently, you can restore your data entirely in case of any such mishap.

Procedure of enabling iCloud on your iPhone

First things first. At the outset, you will be required to turn on your iPhone’s iCloud Drive for WhatsApp back up. The procedure to turn iCloud [on your iPhone] on is as following:

  • Tap onto the Settings
  • Click on the Apple ID banner
  • Open iCloud

  • Scroll down all the way towards the bottom of the page
  • For iCloud’s accessibility, turn on the switch against WhatsApp

By applying the aforementioned steps, iCloud Drive on your iPhone would be enabled. As a result, WhatsApp data can now be backed up. But how?

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How do I back up my WhatsApp data to iCloud?

Follow the succeeding steps to back up your data:

  • Open WhatsApp’s application on your iPhone
  • Click on Settings [gear icon in the bottom right corner]
  • Tap onto the Chats button

  • Click on Chat Backup
  • Now there’s this option of Back Up Now. If you go for it, your chat data will be uploaded to your iCloud storage.
  • Tap on Auto Backup

  • You can select backup frequency according to your will. The available options are Daily, Weekly and Monthly
  • To go back to the last Settings menu, click on Chat Backup
  • If you wish to backup video messages from your WhatsApp to iCloud, you can tap on switch against include videos

Hurrah! You now have a backup on iCloud. Since your data is now stored, you can restore it on any other iOS device after reinstalling WhatsApp. In order to transfer your WhatsApp data to a new device, you need to make sure that your entire data is stored on iCloud. Upon migrating to a different iOS device, you can restore your chat history as soon as it emerges.

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