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A Handy Guide: How to Choose the Best Mobile Broadband

These days, internet provides the premise of the world we live in. From communication to online shopping, it is being used for basically everything. Internet service providers have launched their different schemes and packages for all types of users and now with mobile broadband, you can use the internet almost everywhere. However, choosing the package which completes your basic needs of internet usage is the real deal.


The first thing an internet user notices while surfing the web is the connection speed. People always opt for broadband with higher speeds and are more than willing to pay extra money for it. While choosing a network for yourself, be sure to run a speed test to get an idea of the average download and upload speed of the internet. Obviously, 4G is way faster than 3G but on the other hand, it is also expensive.

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Monthly and Pay-on-the-Go Packages

There are different packages available for different users and you get to choose which one you want. Several mobile broadband service providers in Pakistan offer services through which you can pay for the internet only when you are using it. On the other hand, there are monthly packages that require you to pay a certain amount of money every month.

Zong 4G Wingle comes with monthly packages starting from Rs1,500 while the Mobilink 3G Wingle comes with monthly package starting from Rs2,000. It all depends on you, if you’re a person who uses the internet only for keeping a check on your social media accounts, then you should probably opt for the on the go services and if you are a hefty user, the monthly package is the best one for you.

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Data Usage

The second factor that should help you choose the right package is your data usage. Several internet buckets come with different prices for different volumes of data. If you are a moderate user, you might not need a data plan with big volume. However, if you’re a regular user, then you should choose internet packages offering larger volume. For a person who only checks Facebook and other social media accounts, a light plan would be sufficient, while users who use the internet for video streaming and playing games should choose big-volume data plans.

Zong and Mobilink have released mobile broadband services for users and their services come with different volume-based packages. Zong provides a 50GB package at the rate of Rs2,500 per month while Mobilink provides 55GB for Rs2,000 per month. The difference between their prices is due to the fact that Zong provides 4G while Mobilink is offering 3G connections.

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Shared Data Packages

Customers who use more than one device or choose to share their internet with their friends can choose shared data plans for their basic internet needs. You can use one internet device for multiple laptops and tablets that you own. The only thing you should keep in mind while using this service is that shared data plan might slow down the connection as multiple devices use the same device to connect to the internet.

Right now, only Zong provides shared data plans with rates as low as Rs500 per month for a 5GB data plan and Rs900 per month for a 10GB one.


Coverage also plays an important role in the selection of a data plan as different carriers provide their services in different regions. There are some places where some internet services might not work. This is mainly due to the location of the towers and obstructions such as tall buildings blocking the network. On the other hand, some providers offer their services only in a number of cities. If you’re a frequent traveler, you should check the network coverage of the mobile service you are going to choose and only after confirmation of coverage should you choose the service provider suiting your needs.

Zong’s coverage map can be found here and for Mobilink’s 3G coverage, click here.

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There are certain other factors on which selection of choicest mobile broadband can be based. However, the ones discussed above are the most significant factors a person should take into consideration while purchasing a mobile broadband service. All you have to do is keep these things in mind while purchasing an internet service and you might get the best deal out there.

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