How to Stop a Forced Face ID Unlock at Your iPhone X

It’s been a dynamic week for the Apple community. Even if you are not an Apple fan, chances are that you wouldn’t have missed the hoopla around the facial recognition system for phone unlock adopted by iPhone this time around. Apple’s newest star product, the new iPhone X lets users unlock their device with the application of facial recognition (called Face ID). The new system secures the handset eliminating the use of Touch ID.

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In addition to triggering a meltdown in the data security enthusiasts, the new development proved to be a gold mine for the internet’s meme industry.

However, jokes aside, face ID is actually quite secure. There, though, remains a very valid concern of a forceful phone lock. What is the way to handle the situation if someone is forced to unlock their iPhone X?

Keith Krimble, the CEO at Yoke Remote, shared his concern with the team at Apple in an email. His concerns got answered by Craig Federighi himself, who happens to be the senior vice president of Software Engineering at Apple. In his response Federighi identified a couple of ways to allay the situation where one could be subjected to forcefully unlocking their phone.

Krimble shared this response at twitter.

In his mail, the exact query Krimble had forwarded to the Apple team comprised of the scenario: “What will prevent a thief from taking my phone, pointing it at my face, and running?”

Federighi suggested a couple of solutions to this, we are sharing here for you to keep safe in case of any such eventuality:

  1. Do not stare directly at your iPhone. Yes, only a tilt of angle can do its trick if you find yourself cornered. The Face ID won’t unlock the phone unless it sees your eyes open and focused on the screen
  2. Temporarily disable the Face ID. You can do this by gripping the buttons on both sides of the iPhone X and hold them down. This however, hasn’t been clarified that for how long Face ID could be kept disabled this way.

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