Inspired By Ramadan: SHARED By Facebook Gets Launched In Middle East

Muslims all over the world have started celebrating the holy month of Ramadan. As a result, Facebook has also launched one such initiative; SHARED by Facebook, which promotes awareness about plenty of good causes. The platform is up and running in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The launch of the newest platform will help the community to perform good deeds (not limited to) like donating blood and clothes besides plummeting food wastage. The idea of the campaign is to engage and empower the communities to conduct sessions which will be inspired by Ramadan.

The Managing Director at Facebook for the MENA region, Ramez T. Shehadi said that this initiative of SHARED by Facebook will help brands with a user-friendly access so that they can have a meaningful engagement with their audiences. He further added:

“Across the region, Facebook has been instrumental in enabling communities to connect and build positive social impact during Ramadan: from Facebook’s ‘Giving is in Your Blood’ to ‘Hack for Good initiative’ and ‘Ramadan Fridges’, we’ve seen people use our platforms to bring brilliant ideas to life and address important issues while bringing people closer together. During Ramadan, we want to share a deeper understanding of the experiences of our audiences by availing a hub for advertisers that offers unique opportunities to create personalised content and moments that cultivate a real connection with audiences”

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Public engagement during Ramadan gets amplified

It is pertinent to mention that the Facebook’s online community in the MENA region continues to flourish with its user base reaching 183 million out of which 86% celebrate Ramadan. The working hours in Middle East during Ramadan shrink and subsequently, users gets more time to spend on social media. This helps brands to gain more public attention during Ramadan.

There is a 5% increase in the time duration that users get to spend on social media during Ramadan which is more than any other time of the year.

Creative Agency partner for the Middle East and Africa region at Facebook, Leen Fakhreddin stated:

“We have seen a shift in the perception of brands among their users, especially when it comes to millennials,” she said. “Millennials want to see the brands that they are loyal to be active in social situations especially if it involves their community”

During Ramadan 2018, as many as 280 million people had close to three billion interactions with Ramadan 2018 content from all across the world. The numbers highlight the significance of the holy month as this is precisely why Facebook launched SHARED by Facebook at this time.

Source: Arab News

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