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ICANN Empowers Internet Registry in Native Language – Urdu Domain Names Possible Now

Lately, Board of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has allowed the provision of internet registry in native language. As a result, Pakistani locals can now register and use internet domains in local languages as well. Urdu domain names are likely to take dot Pakistan by storm.

After a long and thorough discussion with stakeholders’ committee members from academia, civil society, internet community, ISPAK, national language authorities, PASHA, PTA and provincial governments, Ministry of IT asked for the internet registry in December 2016. Pakistan has already carried out the operations of ICANN fast track for IDN and ccTLD with complete success.

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Eliminating Language Barrier

The innovative internet initiative was accomplished with collective efforts of MoIT, members of the multi-stakeholders technical committee and NTC. Appreciating their work, IT minister, Anusha Rehman said it would prove to be a great benefit for digitization in Pakistan.

To ensure uniqueness and validity of the internet addresses, ICANN will manage and organize the Domain Name System (DNS). According to the initiative, National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) will also be responsible for managing the internet registry.

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Ministry of IT has put its serious effort in providing a digital form to the local language content.  Moreover, internet users in Pakistan can also establish and use top level domains in their local language and script for their benefit.

Through ccTLD, Urdu language users can easily navigate the internet through top IDNs. Citizens of Pakistan can access the web through Urdu language. Additionally, this has provided a huge advantage to IDNs as it can now target local markets, for local promotions and internet users who do not speak English language.  Additionally, this initiative would be of great benefit for the growing trend of e-commerce in Pakistan and the prime reason for that is it has eradicated all the language barriers.

Source: Profit Pakistan

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