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iPhone Set To Become Your Medical Historian: An ‘Apple’ a Day, Keeps all the Medical History Stored And Protected

We have information that Apple may be silently working on making your iPhone a one-stop store for all your medical history. Imagine your iPhone having a central storage of all your medical history, your allergies, your prescription, lab test reports, and what not stored within it. No searching through files and folders for the last medical report, no forgetting the prescription, and always being able to tell the doctor whether you have any allergies that may come in handy for the treatment.

Doesn’t it sound extremely enticing to you? I can’t comment anything on your behalf but this seems such a tempting feature to have in your hand held device.

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Apple’s quality of life plan

This isn’t the official name for the app or the program but since it is a secret as of now, let’s call it that. Reports suggest that Apple’s growing health unit has been in talks with developers, hospitals and other industry groups about bringing clinical data, such as detailed lab results and allergy lists, to the iPhone. Once the information is available within the phone, users will be given a choice to share it with third parties, like hospitals and health developers.

Apple is actually looking to replicate the highly successful iTune program that in a way revolutionized the music industry and create a viable product that fits within the health industry as well. The company is looking at start-ups in the cloud hosting space about potential acquisitions that might fit into this plan.

Apple also has some track record and history of being successful at a smaller scale. The previous attempt HealthKit, for instance, is primarily used to store things like step counting and sleep. The feature called “health records,” includes the option to import documents that include summaries of care, but it remains limited. Now Apple want to move a step away, take a giant leap and become totally phenomenal and essential probably.

The demand for a centralized health care app

Apple realizes that the medical industry needs to tackle a problem which involves slow transmission of medical reports. Even in our digital age, the medical records move slowly, through emails, and cause bottlenecks. The medical portals are often disconnected, and require a global makeover to make them accessible and easy to use.

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The global health care industry has been looking for a savior. It’s too early to say that Apple will be able to become one, or create a product that really will matter. Fingers crossed for now – this maybe one Apple that we may need every day.

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