“Khilafat is Coming”, ISIS Flag Spotted In Islamabad Announces

On Sunday, an ISIS flag has been spotted on a pedestrian bridge in Iqbal Town, Islamabad. The flag was found put up on a billboard near the pedestrian bridge which soon got taken down by the police. However, the identity of the person who put up that flag hasn’t still been known.

The flag was spotted by a pedestrian who informed the police about it. He told the police that he was familiar with the flag as he had seen it on TV before. The flag represented the terrorist organization, Daesh. The only difference has been that the flag had a slogan on its bottom which said, “Khilafat is coming”.

The interior minister has taken immediate notice of the situation and also ordered the police chief of the capital to submit a report about the incident. The police is currently trying to catch the people behind this through CCTV footage.

CCTV project fails

Not too long ago, theSafe City Project was initiated in Islamabad which cost the national exchequer an amount of Rs13 billion. The project installed 1,900 surveillance cameras in order to keep track of suspicious activities around important buildings, routes, and residential areas. However, there haven’t been any surveillance cameras in that area. The only cameras installed at that place were faced towards the traffic and not towards the billboard because it is unlikely that something suspicious would happen on a billboard.

One of the officials of the project said:

“Our cameras are installed at such an angle that they only focus on the traffic. It’s unlikely that the people who put up the flag would be visible in the footage”

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Anti-Terror law case registered

Police officials were clueless about who put up the flag. However, a case under the anti-terror law was registered against unidentified persons. According to the officials, the case would be registered under Section 11-G of the Anti-Terrorism Act. As per this section, the display of any symbol, flag, banner or article related to a proscribed organization is strictly prohibited. Those who oppose this law will face imprisonment or fine or both.

The police checked all the nearby security cameras to get a clue about the person who put up the flag but they discovered nothing. One camera that was installed near the location of the incident was not even functioning. Although a case has been filed against unknown person under the anti-terror law, no FIR has been registered regarding the case. The SHO. SP (Rural) Mustafa Tanveer said:

“No decision regarding the FIR has been made yet”

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