Jumpstart Pakistan: Change Pakistan Conference 2015

Jumpstart Pakistan is an incubator with a unique vision. Rather than finding start-ups and engaging with them for a limited time period, this incubator seeks to develop an ecosystem that sustains a start-up culture by involving CEOs of existing successful businesses in the development of enterprises that are just on the verge of evolving from the idea stage to a properly run business.

A Vision for Pakistan

The incubator positions itself ideologically as an agent of change for Pakistan. With ambitious goals and a unique approach, it aims to transform the country through entrepreneurship. The idea is quite powerful: a market-based solution for our economic woes – an environment of generating wealth and innovation through enterprise.

The Conference

In an attempt to get all the major stakeholders in the entrepreneurship ecosystem together under one roof, Jumpstart Pakistan is organizing a Change Pakistan Conference at FAST-NU (Lahore) on March 20th and 21st, 2015. The conference aims to attract CEOs of businesses, start-ups and delegates from a diverse range of backgrounds with a common interest in entrepreneurship.

The Questions

In the spirit of promoting entrepreneurship among students and young professionals, the conference is themed to answer some of the basic questions that everyone has about setting up their own business. Attendees will learn how problems can be solved with an entrepreneurial mindset, what is needed to start your own business and how entrepreneurship is key to changing Pakistan for the better.

For the young start-ups

For start-ups trying to make a name for themselves, secure funding or getting mentors – the Change Pakistan Conference 2015 affords a unique opportunity to pitch their ideas and compete for the top three prizes (a pool of Rs.100,000). Such competitions are a great way to flesh out any ideas that you have been sitting with and showing them to the world. The process of putting the idea down on paper and then opening it to scrutiny helps the idea move forward from abstraction to reality. Your pitch would be broadcast around the world and you get to network with the experienced CEOs and investors as well as set up a stall in the exhibition.

Share your success story

If you are a start-up that is moving past the early stages into the growth stage – or a business that has moved forward by adopting the principles of entrepreneurship, this conference is a great platform to share your success story. At the end of the day, best case practices and sharing the lessons that you have learned would not only serve you by establishing yourself as someone who has cleared the hurdles towards success but also stands to benefit the wider community and the ecosystem that has the potential to transform the country.

Start-up Exhibits

Another way to participate with your start-up is to set up an exhibit at the conference. This can serve multiple purposes: you can get instant feedback on your products/services from the all-important youth, you can court potential investors and businesses for funding or partnerships, and you can establish yourself as being a start-up who is on the way to wider market validation and growing your business.

Attend and Learn

If you still aren’t convinced to attend – the conference organizers are also offering more than a 100 prizes for the audiences. We would definitely clearing out your plans for the two days (20th and 21st March, 2015) that this conference is happening and be part of the movement that promises to deliver.

Here are the links to the various ways you can participate – there seems to be no deadline for registering but the earlier the better.

As a delegate

As a competing start-up

As an exhibiting start-up

As a success story-teller

Learn more about the conference and Jumpstart Pakistan here:




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