Latest Conversations: Facebook Rolls Out New Feature To Compete With Twitter

Facebook is rolling-out a new feature named “Latest Conversations” that will display most recent public posts about the current topics that people are discussing. The new feature gives you a broad view of current events trending outside your social circle. Now you get global access to public views, responses, and sentiment without bias.

What is New About Latest Conversations?

The feature to view public posts is not a new thing, but the Latest Conversations unit is different from the previously available feature. Before, performing a keyword-based search on Facebook would get display of mixed information. You would see news articles, photos, videos, public posts, pages, groups and apps associated within the search term.

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Latest Conversations, however, appears on its own, in a new section within the search results and provides live updates. The counter on the top continues showing how many people are talking about the topic currently.

This counter gives you an idea of which topic is trending on the Facebook network at the moment. For global events, there are going to be millions of people talking about a particular event – similar to Twitter that provides live update.

The feature, though, may not be an ideal design for you to understand about the exact nature of news. The problem of offering a global feature will mean that most of the posts shared will not be in your native language. The translate button feature to your native language is not present at the current moment.

Facebook Filter Bubble

Facebook has been in the past heavily criticized for providing users with views that they generally agree to. The social network categorizes information based on user interest and only offers information to users that it believes is useful for them. As a consequence, you as a user may only find information that conforms or validates your already existing belief set. This creates a bubble for most people – one that they find impossible to go through.

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The social media platform has been heavily criticized during the presidential campaign in United States during 2016. Independent analysts urged the platform to create atmosphere that helps in open debate, instead of promoting what has been termed at a “social media echo chamber.”

The Facebook feature will be periodically rolled-out over the next few months. It has been made live in mobile app for certain territories and will move a shift to the desktop version later this year. We accept to see it somewhere in the next year but the dates of complete roll-out are yet to be announced by Facebook.

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