List of Startup Incubators in Pakistan

Young minds are the home of new and innovative ideas and there is no doubt that Pakistan has its share of smart and imaginative youngsters. However, the majority of the youth is clueless about the direction and means that can transform their ideas into an enterprise. That’s where startup incubators come into play. In the last few years, this trend has grown in Pakistan where many incubators and accelerators have sprung up to give young entrepreneurs what they needed to help work on their ideas. Some of the incubators are also available as a co-working space at a very low rent and provide a conducive environment to work.

To startups that are looking to apply, we’ve gathered a comprehensive list of Incubators working in Pakistan to give your idea the push to work wonders.

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1. Plan9

Plan 9 is a Lahore based tech incubator. Since its inception in 2012, it has been home to many successful startups like TiketKataao, Qayaam, HomeStove and many more. They promote a free work environment and provide an all the necessary equipment needed for a startup. To top it all, they provide training and mentoring sessions as well.

2. The Nest I/O

Founded by the Iron lady, Jehan Ara, Nest i/o is home to many startups since 2015. It is partnered with Google for Entrepreneurs and Samsung and has reached heights of success in the incubator world in a short period of time. They have facilities like the Media Lab, Mind Gym, and even a Studio.

3. LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship

The LUMS Centre for Entrepreneurship is located in Lahore and was ranked #1 in Pakistan by GUST Accelerator Report 2015 for Asia and Oceanic Region. They provide investment plans for startups which show potential and they initially offer a vigorous 4-month training program to train new entrepreneurs for the business world.

4. Technology Incubation Centre, NUST

Associated with one of Pakistan’s largest universities, NUST, the Technology Incubation Centre has been mentoring and hosting startups since 2005. TIC provides students and entrepreneurs a fully equipped environment with experienced mentors and also help from experienced faculty members.

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5. Nspire

If you have an innovative business idea which can go a long way, Nspire is the place to make it happen. Launched by NETSOL, a Pakistan based IT company, it is also partners with Microsoft and it provides access to all latest technologies for all sizes of startups.

6. Cinetic – NEDUET

Cinetic is a part of the NED University of Pakistan and provides a very detailed evaluation procedure for every startup that enters the program. Their program consists of many phases from idea sharpening to launch.

Their mentors and trainers help students develop the complete business strategy, marketing plan, and also help in prototyping.


The IBA incubation center provides incubators for small startups that cater 1-3 employees, as well as business incubators for 4 or more employees. These rooms are dedicated to better privacy and discussion space.

They also offer different type of entrepreneurial internship programs to provide a better exposure to the business world.

8. Arpatech Hatchery

The Arpatech Technology Ventures incubator is associated with the Pakistan based IT company Arpatech and is located in Karachi. They believe a good brand is made by flawless execution. It has been home to some of the biggest brands of Pakistan today, like EatOye & Sheops.

9. The Incubator, GIKI

The Incubator is an initiative of one of Pakistan’s renowned universities, Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institue of Engineering Sciences & Technology. In addition to a fully facilitated office space, the incubator provides per month stipend and free accommodation to entrepreneurs enrolled in the program.

10. Revolt

Revolt is a Peshawar based incubator which provides a vigorous 12-week program to accelerate your startup. During this time, the team provides regular training, speaker sessions and commences with a demo day with a final product.

11. Microsoft Innovation Center

The Microsoft Centers are situated across the globe in more than 100 locations with success stories from different countries. What can be better than learning from Microsoft professionals? They provide different entrepreneurial workshops to help new minds sharpen their ideas and create a masterpiece.       

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12. Social Innovation Lab

The SIL has run 7 successful Hatchery cycles of startups and is taking entries for the 8th cycle. These are international incubators for young entrepreneurs with a complete idea development program with mentorship for both local and international market.

13. National Incubation Center

The NIC was launched under the public-private partnership with the Ministry of IT & Telecom, National ICT R&D Fund, Jazz & Teamup. Together with different partners and mentors, the NIC gives one to one mentoring and a competitive environment for new and innovative minds.

14. Karachi Civic Innovation Lab – PIF

The Karachi Civic Innovation Lab was launched at the Nest I/O with collaboration with Habib University. KCIL has introduced different programs like the Community Innovators’ Program, University Internships, Hackathons and Mentoring programs which focus on the social challenges faced in Pakistan.

15. 10xC Technology Startup Seed

The 10XC is known for funding different types of startups. They provide a 4-month pre-seed and seed funding programs in exchange for equity. The 10XC is taking applications for the summer batch currently.

16. SEED Incubation

SEED is an internationally active and recognized incubator based and initiated in Pakistan. It was founded in 2009 and has given birth to multiple successful companies from their roof. It has been home to over 100 companies and has invested almost 1 Billion rupees to promote young entrepreneurs.

17. WeCreate Centre

WeCreate Centre is the first entrepreneurial centre for women. It provides all the necessary facilities for a startup and also a daycare facility where managing work and children will not be a problem.

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18. Tecube by Aptech

Tecube is a project of Aptech Pakistan and promotes new technologies for young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs.  It is situated in Karachi and provides its students with an open an friendly work environment where they can give direction to their ideas.

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Note: Much like the entrepreneurial scenario in Pakistan, this is an on-going story. We shall keep updating the post as additions are made to the ecosystem. Is there any incubator that we missed to notice? Please share. 

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