Meta Likely To Launch First Augmented Reality Glasses In 2024

According to the Verge, Meta (previously Facebook) is planning to launch maiden augmented reality glasses in 2024. The CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, wants AR glasses to represent an ‘iPhone moment’ for Meta. Apparently, upon successful launch in couple of years, AR glasses are likely to emerge as company’s marquee product.

A billion dollar project for the development of augmented reality glasses is working as a project known as ‘Nazare’. Reportedly, AR glasses will not be needing a phone/device to work and that it will function independently. Usually, there is a pre-defined policy by Apple and Google which narrates how applications should be used on their devices. However, Meta is keen on altering the story with the launch. It is significant to state that a ‘phone-shaped’ device could well be needed for computing. Moreover, a technical wristband may be needed too to control the glasses.

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Timeline and functionalities of augmented reality glasses

The first AR glasses are expected to launch in 2024. The company aims to release couple of more designs after every alternate year of the first launch i.e. in 2026 and 2028. AR glasses are currently in the development phase. It is anticipated that the price of the glasses are likely going to be more than Meta’s Oculus Quest 2 VR headset which costs $299.

The first model is predicted to be based on Android. Moreover, it could offer augmented reality with 3D visuals, eye tracking, an outward facing camera, stereo audio, a wild field of view and a socially acceptable look. Users would be able to communicate with people’s hologram through a centerpiece feature. According to Mark Zuckerberg, this will be a revolutionary feature which will ultimately replace the experience of simplified video calling.

Another pivotal point is that the battery life of AR glasses is going to last 4 hours. In addition, the glasses will be intended to use mostly indoors. At the outset, the selling volume might not be too big but Mark Zuckerberg is confident that it will be a breakthrough discovery. Glasses are going to be equipped with expensive custom waveguides and microLED projectors.

Once launched, will you be having augmented reality glasses in your armory?

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