Why You Need a Morning Routine (and How to Begin Your Own Daily Ritual)

Morning is the most important part of day. If you build momentum in the early hours, it’ll carry you to the evening with effortless energy. Here’s how to create your own morning routine for maximum efficiency.

No more slow, sluggish starts to your day.

Most people aren’t enthusiastic about waking up. Their alarm jolts them awake. They hit the snooze button at least three times. Finally, they crawl out of bed like one of the slow-moving zombies in classic horror films.

Does this sound familiar? If so, I’m sorry to hear it. This is no way to live! You should be excited to begin your day. Perceive every single morning as another opportunity to transform your life into something remarkable.

Let’s imagine a different scenario. What if you woke up as soon as your alarm sounded? No swearing. No snoozing. Instead, you spring out of bed with speed and tenacity. You have to start your day anyway. Why stress out about it?

Your morning routine may be as simple or complex as you desire.

Most blogs about morning routines provide an elaborate list of rules or steps to follow. This isn’t one of those blogs. Frankly, the details don’t matter. As long as “take a shot of vodka” isn’t a part of your process, do whatever you want.

The important thing is to have a daily ritual. By “ritual,” I mean a consistent routine you follow every single morning. This is especially helpful when you’re a freelancer (or anyone else who works from home).

It’s hard to be productive when there isn’t a boss watching your every move. Without the presence of a Big Brother, the temptation to watch television or browse the Internet might be too much to bear.

Morning routines are a springboard into an efficient day.

Like I said, the specifics are irrelevant. Still, you need a daily ritual. If you repeat the same tasks or activities before every workday, you won’t have a difficult time getting started. You’ll begin automatically. No thinking. Just doing.

My morning routine is pretty basic. I wake up, brew a pot of coffee, eat breakfast while watching a “Friends” re-run, and walk my dog around the block. Not elaborate! Just in case you’re curious about my reasoning, I’ll explain below.

Coffee energizes me. I’d rather not interact with people until I get some caffeine in my system. For breakfast, I eat an omelet with chopped vegetables (proper nutrition = good for energy). Sitting at a desk doesn’t seem so bad after I get some exercise. And I like to watch something funny in the morning, because it puts me in a positive mood.

What will make your mornings more enjoyable? Do more of that.

First, be mindful of why you struggle to start the day. Do you wake up in a gloomy mood? If so, maybe you’d benefit from reading a book or holy text that inspires you. Or you could watch an episode of your favorite sitcom like me.

Are you struggling with a lack of enthusiasm? In that case, maybe you’d benefit from listening to a song or speech that fires you up. (Hint: “Till I Collapse” by Eminem is one of my go-to songs when a sense of apathy is sinking in.)

Are you just plain exhausted? If so, maybe you’d benefit from a quick workout. I know that sounds backwards since people always say, “I’m too tired to exercise.” That’s the incorrect perception. Studies show exercise increases energy. Walk or run a mile. Do a few sun salutations. If there’s a gym close to your office, lift weights before you clock in.

Make sure your morning routine can be repeated consistently.

Complexity is overrated. Let’s keep this simple. For now, choose one activity that would make your mornings better. If that requires you to wake up a few minutes early, adjust your alarm and sleep schedule accordingly.

Commit to follow-through everyday for a week. Pay attention to your mood, alertness, enthusiasm, and energy level. Is there a noticeable difference? If so, let that feeling motivate you to add one or two more tasks to your daily ritual.

Hit the ground running, because your day won’t crush itself. Would your friends benefit from a morning routine? If so, share this article on social media. Your friends will definitely appreciate the advice.

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