New Data Shows Pakistan Mobile Users at 40 Million and Growing

The latest figures released by Pakistan Telecom Authority (PTA) for mobile subscribers shows that Pakistan now has 40.56 million users by end of April 2017. This gives further evidence to the fact that Pakistan is rising as a strong digital economy on the global map.

Where are the new subscribers coming from?

Internet penetration statistics indicate that the spread of the customer base is getting diverse. Mobile technology is now being used by people who wish to remain connected to friends and family. This gives a thumbs up to social network site Facebook and popular messenger app ‘WhatsApp’ that are now commonly being used by people to stay connected to their friends and families.

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This follows the global pattern of technology where the technology first becomes popular in business segments before becoming popular in the household segment. This is good news as once technology creates strongholds in the household market, new opportunities and niches open up for entrepreneurs to make the most of.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) experts are already point on the diverse internet usage.

“Anecdotal evidence suggests majority of the people are using internet to share video clips on WhatsApp and visit YouTube. The second highest usage of internet is watching drama serials, mostly by women.”

Growth in internet usage on smart phones

PTA data indicates that over 29 percent of mobile phone users are now internet users as well. This numbers has climbed from 22 percent at the end of previous fiscal year in June 2016. The sharp increase suggests that the market is now ripe for mobile apps that increase convenience and help increase life standards for ordinary users.

Another highlight from PTA data comes in the form of higher subscription rate of mobile broadband. The mobile broadband subscription rate at 976,000 per month has now surpassed the growth in mobile phone subscriptions which stand at 703,617.

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New opportunities in Entertainment and Home sector

Experts are urging the government to create friendlier environment for telecom companies and products. Introduction of branchless banking, automation of government procedures may go a long way to ease government burden. Many government processes like obtaining new license as an example can benefit from a technological makeover.

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