NTC inaugurates Pakistan’s first ever National Data Centre in Islamabad

National Telecommunication Corporation (NTC) inaugurates the first ever National Data Centre of Pakistan in Islamabad on Wednesday. It is expected that the Centre will be up and running soon.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by high dignitaries including Minister of IT Anusha Rahman Khan, PTA Chairman Dr. Ismail Shah and various other professionals from the IT industry of the country. The event was organized by Huawei Technologies Pakistan Pvt. Ltd.

National Data Centre is built with an objective to accomplish the e-governance model of the federal government. Pakistan is the first ever South Asian Association for Regional Corporation (SAARC) country to implement this model. In addition, the center will also conform to the tier-3 standards and it will also provide services like Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). Besides e-governance, it will also assist in e-commerce and e-health.

The government decided to replicate this model last year in all ministries after successfully converting over 6,000 files to e-government by the Ministry of IT.

E-governance is top priority

According to Anusha Rahman, e-governance is the top priority of the government. The private sector is constantly involved to complete these projects on time. While addressing the audience, Anusha Rahman stated:

“It takes too much time when we work with government sectors because there are too many hurdles and slow process”

Chairman of NTC, Viqar Rasheed Khan also addressed the audience. He affirmed that National Data Centre will be added with the latest IT features and it will be highly technical. He further stated:

“The Data Centre will provide the facilities to the government bodies with different services in data communication as various other private service providers are offering to their clients”

NTC signed the contract of this Data Centre with Inbox Business Technologies and Huawei in March, 2016. The entire process of establishment of the Centre took place within a time span of 5 months.

As far as the performance of NTC is concerned, the chairman made sure that the organization is providing high quality ICT services to meet the marketing trends.

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Article Source: Techjuice / image: shutterstock

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